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    Jun 25, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


Config changes worth highlighting:
We fixed a bug which meant that suffix colour codes were not closed at the end of the prefix. This has surprised a few people who were using this to colour chat text. You can properly colour chat text using the essentials chat config section.

Change Log:
  • Update Czech translation.
  • Add new command /hat and update translate keys as well as fix colour codes.
  • Add a LagMeter (ticks per second) to the /gc command. This command can now be accessed with /lag as well.
  • Added a simple /vanish command, with the extra node essentials.vanish.see
    If you require a more advanced vanish solution checkout VanishNoPacket from mbaxter.
  • Add message to sender when all players kicked, addresses issue #1968
  • Add option to disable jails entirely.
  • Add polish translation, thanks losdamianos
  • Prevent NPEs in KeywordReplacer
  • Add Finnish translation
  • add /e<command> aliases to essentials spawn
  • fix Portuguese translation with new messages
  • Add optional 2n'd param to temp ban reason TL key.
  • Add sign throttle config option.
    Allows you to limit how often an Essentials sign can be spammed per player.
  • Using /exp, show can't find player message, if no matching player is found.
  • Fix playerlistname update when prefix/suffix option is disabled.
    Fixes #2216
  • Prevent joinbots from triggering join code, unless they are actually connected to the server and online.
  • Added TL key for ban syntax,
    Default message: "Banned: <reason>"
    Default reason: The Ban Hammer has spoken!
    Optional 2nd param to banReason, will contain user who made the ban.
  • Fix teleport cooldowns - thanks @basicsensei
    Fixes #2260
  • Players should not be able to ignore Console
    Also implement chat exempt permission in other commands.
  • Fix chat showing [spy] prefix when social spy was not required to see the message.
    Fixes #2263
  • Replace op ignore exempt with ignore exempt chat permission:
    This permission won't prevent a player from ignoring the player, but the player will see the chat messages anyway.
  • 3 char min length on /pay and /msg
  • Messing around with whois syntax
    (TL's probably need some love)
  • Fix spacing issue in /list
  • Fixing messed enchantment.
  • Adding mute status to /whois
  • Make /whois throw an error if no matching players are found.
  • /vanish command sets players invisible to essentials commands.
  • Broadcast command allows colour formatting.
  • Fix /lightning <player> <damage> to actually deal the proper set damage (5 or 25% by default).
  • Fix /essentials command to not show command debugging if there were no conflicts.
  • Try to be a little more sensible with stored cooldowns.
  • Fix /mute to follow same convention as /tjail
    Fixed #2056
  • Missing event aborts in sign code.
  • Fix bug with /remove and minecarts
  • Allow syntax: /god <player> <on/off>
  • Allow syntax: /fly <player> <on/off>
  • Play a bit less greedy with events
  • Fix kits to only show to people who can use them.
  • Fix broken preventmodify permissions check in invsee (*scowls at ementalo*)
    Also added check to prevent duping items
  • Separate toggle for world teleports using homes.
  • Make /home and /back obey the world perm system.
    This will prevent players from moving between words using virtually all essentials commands.
    ATM /warp is excepted, because we already have per warp permissions.
    Ess3 may see warp permissions altered to: essentials.warp.<world>.<warpname>
  • Strip invalid chars from kit names
    This may possibly block some kits from working that previous worked, if the kit name contained unusual letters
  • Try to trim long displaynicks instead of blankly refusing to show them.
    Will try trimming prefixes and dropping suffixes before trimming nicknames.
  • Force 3 letters before matching players for /god /gamemode and /fly
  • Home confirmation when using a bed.
  • Update home count to include the bed home if set, this does not prevent people from setting a bed home if they are at max.
  • Add whisper to social spy trigger list.
  • Switch the order of the alt give syntax to follow vanilla order.
  • New config option 'cancel-afk-on-move' - Set to false you don't use afk.
  • Fix metrics errors to be... descriptive.
  • Throw syntax error on /item, if syntax is wrong.
  • Fix null locations in /seen
  • Optimize sign interacts.
  • Try to speed up teleport events.
  • New ingame command syntax: /kit <kit> <playername>
    New Permission: essentials.kit.others - allows giving kits to other people.
    New console commands: /kit & /kit <kit> <playername>
  • Console should be able to kick everyone.
  • Move player loading and updates to new thread, to reduce on join lag.
  • Chat spy, should show otherworld chat.
  • Fix /time not working with the '##pm' syntax.
  • Added wiki names for enchantments.
  • Jail update, jailed people can't attack other players.
  • Report invalid enchantments in kits.
    Improve error logging
  • Cap mute/ban/jail to 10 years (any more is silly).
    Cap time descriptions to 3 significant notions.
  • Update seen to show better data for vanished users:
    New Perm: essentials.seen.extra - Shows some extra information for staff
  • Enable powertools if they are disabled when setting a new tool.
  • Command cost api update: Can now set fallback costs.
    Repair command addition: ontop of 'repair' and 'repair-<itemname>' you can now charge for 'repair-all' to charge more for /repair all or 'repair-item' to charge per item repaired.
  • Allow tppos to be used in console.
  • Optional second param to /gm to force gamemode on other players.
  • Make sure can build checks in permbukkit/privileges work for admins/owners.
  • Add newish signs to default enabled commands config.
  • Reset ban reason to null on /ban <player>, if no reason is set.
  • Adding new config setting login-attack-delay. Set this in seconds for a delay before players can attack each other after logging on.
    Use permission "essentials.pvpdelay.exempt" to bypass this restriction
  • New permission essentials.invsee.preventmodify. People with this permission cannot have their inventories modified by invsee
  • Don't kill tamed ocelots with killall Test #1921
  • Display name of new world on world change
  • Updated dutch translation and fixed many grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Allow your hat to be removed with /hat remove
  • added durability check to /itemdb
  • Fixes made, added /exp fix [playername] this fixes negative exp.
  • New command /exp [set|give|player] [player] [amount]
    perms are essentials.exp, essentials.exp.others, essentials.exp.set, essentials.exp.set.others, essentials.exp.give and essentials.exp.give.others
  • Fix double charge in /jump
  • Prevent that a config file is loaded/saved by more than one thread.
  • Should fix some exp math issues