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    Nov 17, 2011
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  • CB 1337


Change Log:
  • General fix against overwriting already existing protections
  • Prevent that sign protection in EssProtect can be circumvented by placing signs.
  • The data value of leaves changed by 4
    0 -> 4, 1 -> 5, 2 -> 6 to make them permanent, items.csv should be updated automatically
  • Fix water/lava bucket bug with mobs
  • Sudo: This would break horrible for offline players and the original player object has to be used.
  • null the Essentials object in static EcoApi, so it doesn't leak on /reload.

    TODO: Make the eco api non-static
  • Prevent that players are teleported to offline players using /tpa and players that lost their tpahere permission
  • Fix #1106 GeoIP announces players who are hidden, on join.
  • Temporary debug mode using /essentials debug
  • Fix bug in sign state loop
  • XMPP: Don't send messages from spy users back to them.
  • Removing never used ErrorHandler and UpdateTimer from Essentials Core, they are now in EssentialsUpdate
  • Don't block /essentialsupdate command after selfupdate
  • After the selfupdate, check for the bukkit version. We will not automatically update bukkit, so the player is displayed a message, if he tries to update or install.
  • Close file input on exception
  • Crop after 15KB and add a note, that it's cropped by the upload.
  • Abort update text
  • Reload after installation
  • Removing automatic updates

    It's a bad idea to automatically overwrite files, without asking the player first.

    This would be triggered by the selfupdate after the reload.
  • The state machine now handles both manual updating and installation.
  • Basic automatic updates downloader
  • The work process is done async to the server loop.
  • Abort the installation wizard if a runtime exception happens
  • Cleanly resume the installation, if the player quits the game and reconnects

    If the installation is already running in background after the wizard, it will not stop, if the player quits the game.
  • Advanced mode
  • Allow states to be automatically added to the state map.
    They have to have a Constructor that accept the StateMap as argument, otherwise a RuntimeException is thrown.
  • Minor changes because we use a map instead of a list
  • Another state added
  • Less chance for C&P error
  • Moving the link between the states from the constructor of the state machine to the states classes.
  • Statemachine for installation wizard (WIP)
  • Fixed a crash on reload due to bukkit not unloading plugins before
  • Fixed GM holding files open and causing the time stamp to be incorrect.
    This caused GM to require a '/mansave force' when it shouldn't be
  • Added comments to groups.yml for global groups
  • Remove bperms nodes which shouldn't be in globalGroups
  • Change to default users as examples
  • Minor optimization for Group loading/clone
  • Fix for Users file being flagged as updated when it wasn't.
  • Fixed Group/User reloading
    Fixed Group.clone(dataholder)
  • Fix for file date conflict causing memory data to be wiped.
  • Optimize notify test so it's not run as often
  • Fix string compares
  • Notification of being moved to the default group only happens if it's a
    demotion/promotion (not on join).
  • Fixed up javadoc comment errors
  • Fix for an error in checkFullUserPermission caused by players
    disconnecting mid perms update.
  • Fix for an error in checkFullUserPermission caused by silly requests for
    a null perm.
  • GM will now check to see if it's data files have been changed at each
    scheduled save.
    If the files have been altered (on disc) it will reload, so long as
    the in-memory data hasn't changed.
    If the files on Disc have changed AND there have been changes to it's
    in-memory data it will show a warning.
    You then MUST issue a '/mansave force' to overwrite the disc files,
    or a '/manload' to overwrite the memory data.
  • Prevent setting 'minutes' in the config to zero causing an error.
  • Added a config.yml setting of 'validate_toggle' for those who prefer
    'mantogglevalidate' to always be off.
  • Expanded 'canUserBuild()' to include inheritance and subgroups.
  • Fixed an error on 'manucheckv'. If the users doesn't have the variable
    it fell through causing an exception.
    Added checking of subgroups for Info nodes.
  • Added Info node support to Global Groups.
  • Typo's and formatting
  • Global Groups yml and class
  • Added Global Groups
    Defined in groupmanager/globalgroups.yml.
    Create groups in the yml with a g: prefix, then inherit in the worlds
    groups files.
  • Fixed GM loading world data files twice at startup.
    Improved error reporting for invalid groups.yml
  • Fixed GM to recognize Superperm child nodes.
    If you add a node like Towny.admin GM will now correctly report on
    all child nodes.
  • v 1.5:
    - Fixed opOverrides and bukkit_perms_override to read the correct
    - Better commenting in config.yml
  • Sudo Command
    This might never make it to release, needs tidying first at least.
  • Gamemode sign, standard sign permissions.
  • New permission:
    If a player has this permission '/repair all' will also repair equipped armor.
  • Updating banip to support offline players.
  • Prevent client crash on 'Free air'
  • Merge remote branch 'remotes/ess/groupmanager' into essmaster
  • Extra translation keys.
  • Adding op/god mode to whois.
  • Only pull/push data on valid player data.
  • Force displayname update on /list.
    Tidy duplicate displayname call.
  • Clear all powertools - /powertool c:
  • Removing Reloadall Command
    Tidy plugin.yml
  • Start logging players last login address.
  • Merge remote branch 'remotes/ess/groupmanager' into essmaster
  • Extra command alias's.
  • Alias for 'Everyone' on warp signs.
  • Adding game mode command for quick toggling (/gm /creative /gamemode)
  • Spanish translation
  • Adding gamemode to whois
    Fixing exception in unban
  • Allow proper escaping and use of & symbol in nicks (&& = &).
  • Trim long nicknames for use in tab list
    Colour Nicknames
    Refactor /nick Command
    Fix nickother validity checks.
  • Allow the use of the warp command from the console
  • Code tidy, trigger build id update.
  • Debug messages: Execution time on reload/enable.
    ~ Probably needs removed later?
  • Removing translations for portal actions.
  • More message, in /me
  • Updating actions to allow translations, and colour.
  • Tidy the XML a little and test a library property.
  • More teamcity fixes.
  • Will teamcity like this change?
  • Lets try a adding a few dependencies.
  • Updating build order.
  • Adding the handler to the (painful) list of permissions systems we support.
  • File formatting.
  • GM permission handler...
    Look mum, no bridge.
  • Merge remote branch 'remotes/ess/groupmanager' into essmaster
  • Sneaking in an option to disable prefix/suffix selectively.
    (This will probably be removed during ess chat rewrite).
  • Altering PEX prefix/suffix.
  • Few more states in EssentialsUpdate
  • Fixing invsee error.
  • Extra triggers for /sell inventory
  • Improved readability of /sell
    ~translations need checking~
  • Only prevent AFK heal, if freeze player is enabled.
  • Fix health event name.
  • AFK users shouldn't heal from full hunger.
  • Automatically unAFK on interaction.
  • EssChat update part 1.