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    Oct 23, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1337
  • CB 1317


Change Log:
  • Fix Test
  • Use of lomboks delegate on player wrapping
  • CB#1337
  • Moved all config options to new Settings classes
  • Updated german translation by HDS
  • Test if objects can be read from yaml in the original sort
  • Correctly fix the N/S direction
  • New storage system for settings (WIP)
  • Replacing martyr with Pircbot 1.5
  • EssentialsUpdate WIP
  • Minor fixes. Basic testing shows all works.
  • Made a concerted effort to change the in the various languages
    to the new format for weather.
    - Incidently, there was an error in the _da translation - the message for the key
    weatherSun did not have a "in your world" clause. This is added with the "your
    world" clause changed, like it is everywhere.
  • Made a couple commands available for the console (ones that make sense to be able to
    access from the command line).
  • Save the ban reason, not the command name.
  • Removing debugging.
  • More debugging
  • Adding a debug note.
  • Moving apikey outside main file.
    Keep the actual key in local repo ;)
  • Made a silly little upload script, for uploading things to dev bukkit.
  • Merge remote branch 'remotes/ess/groupmanager' into essmaster
  • Added setting to config. This allow control over how
    long backups are retained.
  • Simplified config.yml while retaining backwards compatibility.
  • Fixed reading world mirrors from the config.
  • Added a config setting - bukkit_perms_override: false
    Enable to allow default Bukkit based permissions to remain enabled,
    unless directly negated within GroupManager.
  • v 1.4:
    - Updated for Bukkits new YamlConfiguration.
    - Cleared remaining Cast errors cause by object cloning.