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Are you running a server and don't want to get essentials when all you need
is a simple plugin with a lot of permissions for control?
Then this is the plugin for YOU!
Essential Server is a simple plugin developed by me (CoachL_ck),
making it easy to control your server.
v1.2.9 will add persistent player data storage!

Bukkit may not be supported for some features.
Please use Spigot or Paper as they are better performance wise.
Sadly I do not have enough time to maintain all versions, and with the dreary end of bukkit coming soon I decided to make the move early. 
You can find the spigot plugin page for Essential Server here.


1. Download the plugin
2. Drag and drop it into your server's /plugins/ folder
3. Restart your server
4. Enjoy!
5. Customize in "Plugins/EssentialServer/config.yml"


To get access to every command use the permission node "essentialserver.*"

To customize or disable command messages check the config.yml

Spawns only work for one world as of right now.

Check out Wiki here.
And find the permissions here. 

Things to Do
Add player data storage


You can contact me directly and give me suggestions.
Make the subject: Essential Server
You can also start a chat with me by clicking my name or clicking here.

Enjoy The Plugin?

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