When player's give you lemons, freeze them & make Ice Lemon Tea!


Toggle-able auto-ban feature (and time) 

Fully customizable plugin (to the very simplest of messages) 

Full Support Provided 

Future updates available 

Servers that use ESFreeze

Please contact me to have your server listed here! :)


Commands / Permissions

• /freeze [username] - ► esfreeze.freeze ◄ - Command to freeze and unfreeze a specified player.

• Exemption from being frozen - ► esfreeze.exempt ◄


Who develops ES plugins?

Myself, xbp. Although my plugins are called ExplosiveStraw, that is more of my brand name whereas my actual name is xbp or Jake. You can find me in lots of places!


Where can I get help with some of your plugins?

Joining my discord server will be the most effective way to contact me and receive support. (


Will development be kept up for this plugin?

Yes, currently there is no plan to stop development for this plugin.


Can you help configure my copy of the plugin?

Yeppers! Pop into my discord and I'll happily configure the plugin to what you want. (


 Collection of Statistics (Metrics) & Updater Information

Inside of this plugin we collect metrics & we have the ability to auto-update our plugins. This is disable-able however. We suggest you keep these enabled for support and also so we understand our target audience.


Metrics Information - Under General Data Protection, we make efforts to only share information which is general. This includes, Server Software, Server Cores, Server Java Version etc. Information we store is publicly available at


Updater Information - Updates are made by ourselves and our authorized by Bukkit Staff. We make all efforts to ensure the update process is safe and to standards of terms and conditions.


Can I help with development?

You can apply to join ES Development Team and will gain access to our services accounts if accepted. So yes, you certainly can, however their are some requirements.



#  ______  _____ ______                     
# |  ____|/ ____|  ____|                    
# | |__  | (___ | |__ _ __ ___  ___ _______ 
# |  __|  \___ \|  __| '__/ _ \/ _ \_  / _ \
# | |____ ____) | |  | | |  __/  __// /  __/
# |______|_____/|_|  |_|  \___|\___/___\___|

  prefix: "&8>"
    successful-freeze: "&aSuccessfully froze &a&l%player%"
    unfroze: "&aSuccessfully unfroze &a&l%player%"
    exempt-player: "&4Whoops..&f &7You may not freeze this player as they are exempt to this."
    offline-player: "&4Whoops..&f &7That player couldn't be found.."
    no-permission: "&cYou do not have permission to execute this command."
    frozen-warning: "&7You have been frozen by &e&o%staff%&7"
    warning: "&7You're not able to do this as you've been frozen. Please join TS at:!"
    unfrozen-warning: "&7You have been unfrozen by &e&o%staff%"
    auto-ban-reason: "Failing to SS"
    auto-ban-leave-reason: "&cDisconnecting whilst frozen."
  #Set this to be true to auto-ban.
  auto-ban: true
  #Set this to be 'true' to auto-update the plugin, will put the file into a separate file & will not be loaded until moved.
  auto-update: true
  #Should we auto-ban the player when they leave?
  auto-ban-on-leave: true
  #Remove player from the list when adding all players /freeze * (will also remove exempted players)
  remove-player: true

  #In seconds the time until auto-ban (if auto-ban option is true)
  time-until-autoban: 180
  - "xbp"

  config: "0.8"





 When frozen, shows the player what staff member froze them (%staff% tag in configuration) and gives them a warning.


 Warns the player when they have been frozen, asks them to join to a service from a configurable configuration message.


 Message staff receive when freezing a player.


 Message staff receive when unfreezing a player.


 Configurable message staff receive when a player is not online.


 Configurable auto-ban message (and toggle-able auto-ban feature)


 Exemption from being muted will provide staff with this message.




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