ERSCommands comes with a bunch of commands featuring teleportation. You can go into detail in the configuration for setting the amount of time before a player teleports to a location, or set a cooldown etc.

  • /tp - Teleport a player (or yourself) to a player.
  • /tpr - Request a teleportation to a player.
  • /tpo - Override a teleport (for vanished players).
  • /tploc - Teleportation to a set of coordinates.
  • /tprhere - Request someone to teleport to you.
  • /tpohere - Override someone to teleport to you.
  • /tphere - Teleport someone to you.
  • /spawn - Teleport to spawn.
  • /warp [warp] - Teleport to a set location.
  • /tprall - Request all online players to teleport to you.
  • /tpall - Teleport all online players to you.


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