This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


With this plugin factions wars can be like war in PlanetSide 2. You can define several fighting factions. Server map can be divided into many sectors, which can have one or more controlpoints. Moreover, each sector is connected to the other sectors, so that it must be taken to claim one of these connected. You can set up all sectors, etc. Each control point can be assigned to its own armory and Warps to other sectors.


I'm working on next version of that plugin where much logic from old version was changed. Now its more EPIC !!!.

Optional Dependencies

  • TagAPI for player faction color name below character. maybe
  • Dynmap for visualize sectors map.


  • Translations support
  • Multiworld support
  • Player stats in SIDEBAR (points,kills,deaths).
  • Player name below character in faction color.
  • wools map (can be created anywhere, realtime update wool colors, left click teleport player to random point of sector if faction have one, right click * player in the chat will see info about the sector)
  • sector control points map as map item.
  • dynmap with sectors.
  • Developers API


database: # config for database, only SQLite supports now
 engine: SQLite
 host: localhost
 name: test
 user: test
 password: test

language: en # translation file prefix, only en is valid value now;

wars: # list of files with description of current wars (files in wars folder)
 - <.ward filename> 
 - <next .ward filename>


  • Green - commands for players and admins, Red - commands for admins;
  • /ew - Shows all commands categories
  • /ew dump [factions|players|sectors|points] - Dump data selected type from database to text file.
  • /ewf join <factionName> - adding player to choosed faction.
  • /ewf create <factionName> <colorName> - Creating faction with color .
  • /ewf spawn - teleport player to faction capital spawn.
  • /ewf setspawn <factionName> - sets spawn point for selected faction
  • /ewf info - shows info about player faction.
  • /ewf list - shows factions list.
  • /ewf colors - shows available factions colors.
  • /ewp create <pointName> <radius> <maxPower> - Creating ControlPoint on current player stand block pos, and adding to current sector.
  • /ews gen - creating sectors from .ward generator config
  • /ews info - Shows current sector info
  • /ews setmap <MapName> <sectorsPerLine (set value from your .ward file sectors.generator.config.width)> - creating map where creator location is left-top corner.


  • epicwar.admin - commands for admin


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