EpicBoss Gold Edition

Then next generation of Minecraft Mobs!

EpicBoss Gold Edition is a Bukkit plugin that was created Jul 31, 2012. Back then it was only known as "EpicBoss". That realeas was my very first Java coded plugin! And I had never been coding Java before. Later EpicBoss was recoded and named "EpicBossRecoded". But now I finally understand the consept of coding java. So it's time for EpicBoss Gold Edition!

What is EpicBoss Gold Edition?
EpicBoss Gold Edition is a plugin that allowes you as server admin to create your own mobs. This includes custom drops, health, damage, speed, equipment, skills and much more. You can also create own skills that will blow your mind! And we EpicBoss also includes a custom item system. That makes you able to create own custom items! This is the ultimate plugin to give your server more adventure, action and entertaining.

How do I use this?
First of you need to download the latest version for your server. (Or download a old version) If you have used EpicBoss before I highly recommend to read all tutorials and if you are new to this plugin, then you must read the tutorials! All tutorials will be linked on this page but also all the databases, which includes information that you will need to be able to create mobs!

Where can I get help?
The only way to get help is to post a thread on the forum. I will be more active there then befor and I won't help people who spam on the Facebook page or YouTube. Here is a small list of what each site means. and what you can do on them

FaceBook: (Link)
This page is mainly for Development news. I post my progress there or if anything new happens. But there is no support here!

YouTube: (Link)
On this page you will find Trailers, tutorials, speed coding and macinemas that I make. This means that things you write there is only for the videos and no support will be considered here!

Forum: (Link)
Ahh... Here is the place to get help from others and me. You can write your problem or see if anyone has same problem as you. You can also write tutorials or maby show of you mobs that you have made. You can also advertise for your server if it's using EpicBoss Gold Edition! All support help and support will be here!



Do you wan't to help ThaH3lper?
There is tones of different ways to help me! I can't tell all the things you can do but help each other on the forum helps me alot. If you want to join the coding you can find the code at github (Github - Source Code) If you like this plugin and think it helps your server? why not give ThaH3lper a small donation if you think he deseves a pizza after all this work? All donations helps me! even a single dollar!

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