EnhancedSpawners is inspired by the plugin request from FlyingSpitball. The idea is to allow for spawners to be customizable, both in standard survival and by admins! It also allows for silk touch pickaxes to pick up spawners so that they could become portable! All you have to do is drop this plugin in your plugin folder and run! Once installed, you can use a silk touch pickaxe to mine and pick up your spawners! They retain their data too! And you could customize these spawners! Either by commands or in survival (visit the "How to Customize Your Spawners" section to see how).

How to Customize Your Spawners

In Survival
  1. Create a tempered egg by smelting an egg (or Attuned Egg)
  2. Create an infused egg (enchanted book could have any enchantment and the egg in the middle is a tempered egg)
  3. Left-Click a mob with the infused egg to get an Attuned Egg with the given mob
  4. Right-Click on a mob spawner with the Attuned Egg to change the mob it spawns!
As An Admin
  1. Look at a spawner and do the /set-mob <mob> command to change the mob it spawns
  2. Look at a spawner and do the /set-delay <delay> command to change the spawning delay

Current Features

  • You can use silk-touch on a spawner to move it
  • You can customize a spawner in survival
  • You can customize a spawner as an admin
  • Toggling spawners with redstone (VERY Experimental!)
  • Crafting spawn eggs ('Attuned Eggs' also act as spawn eggs)
  • Dungeon loot! (Tempered Eggs or Mystery Attuned Eggs)

A Note About Auto-Updates and Update Checking

Unless disabled, this plugin will check for updates on curseforge. It will look for the version of CraftBukkit that you are running and the version of LootPlus you are running, the plugin will then decide if you are running an outdated version of the plugin and you are running the correct version of CraftBukkit (to prevent version mismatches). I see none of this information, none of it is ever cached. If you wish to disable auto-updating set the config option "autoUpdate" to false. These updates depend upon curse, so if you see that there is a new update but the plugin did not detect it, most likely it is because of curse being slow to update all my project files, regardless, feel free to report it and I'll let you know what's wrong (because it may actually be a bug with my plugin)

A Note About Metrics Collection

This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org:

  • A unique identifier
  • The version of Java the server is running
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • The plugin's version
  • The server's minecraft version
  • The OS version/name and architecture
  • The core count for the CPU
  • The number of players online
  • The version of Metrics used

All this information goes directly to mcstats.org, but if you wish to disable it, either "opt-out" in the plugin metrics folder in your plugins folder, or go into the config for this plugin and set mcstatsDataCollection to false


  • /set-mob <mob> <optional: delay> -command to change the mob spawner you're looking at spawns
  • /set-delay <delay> -command to change the spawning delay of the mob spawner you're looking at
  • /new-spawner <mob> <optional: delay> -command to create a mob spawner
  • /give-spawner or /give-spawner <mob> <optional: player> -command to give you a spawner based on either the spawner you're looking at, or the input

Permission Nodes

  • EnhancedSpawners.set-mob -For the /set-mob command
  • EnhancedSpawners.set-delay -For the /set-delay command
  • EnhancedSpawners.silkySpawners -For the ability to silk touch spawners
  • EnhancedSpawners.new-spawner - For the /new-spawner command
  • EnhancedSpawners.give-spawner - For the /give-spawner command
  • EnhancedSpawners.canChangeSpawners - For the spawner change GUI

About the Config Options

  • autoUpdater - dictates whether the plugin should auto-update
  • mcstatsDataCollection - dictates whether the plugin will collect data for PluginMetrics
  • mobBlacklist - dictates whether the plugin will use its internal blacklist for mobs
  • compassCleaner - whether to reset compasses upon login (may break plugins which utilize compasses)
  • spawnerFinderRadius - the radius at which a "spawner finder" attempts to look for spawners
  • firstLoginMessage - whether the plugin will send a message to someone who logs in for the first time
  • setToDefault - setting this to 'true' resets the config files
  • changeSpawners - allows for players in survival to customize spawners
  • silkTouchSpawners - allows for players to silk touch spawners to pick them up
  • attunedEggsEqualSpawnEggs - allows Attuned Eggs to act like spawn eggs
  • dungeonLoot - allows dungeon loot to spawn
  • redstoneToggle(EXP) - allows for spawners to be toggled with redstone (VERY Experimental! Not recommended to use)


Visit here

Planned Features

  • Rewrite spawner mechanics (this'll be a toughie :P) to implement custom features (inlcuding a working ability to toggle spawners with redstone)
  • More config options
  • More permissions

Known Issues

  • /new-spawner can replace blocks with a spawner instead of placing the spawner next to these blocks
  • Shift-clicking eggs into furnaces can be a little bugged


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