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Endless PvP

PvP Minigames Reimagined!

Endless PvP is a plugin that provides a PvP situation that it's name suggests: you PvP until you die. The idea was given to me by a user on my site, and rather than type it all out, let me just copy and paste what he said:

I got an idea earlier for a server minigame while watching double's recent video! Basically, it's PvP but it's endless. You go into an area with a set weapons and armor, and fight until you die. Also, you have a separate balance for this as well. The only way to get money is through selling gold ingots, crafted by gold nuggets gotten from your kills. Here's how that works in the end, a basic run through of it.

1.You start with leather armor and a stone sword. 2. Along with this stuff, you get a gold nugget. 3. Next, you fight and kill other players for their gold nuggets. 4. You lose all gold nuggets upon death. 5. There is a safe area you can use to craft gold ingots, sell them and buy permanent or temporary upgrades. For PvP Master ranks and those who bought levels, you also have an enchanting table. 6. As you get upgrades, you get better weapons and armor. 7. Temporary upgrades can consist of potions of healing and swiftness, or splash potions of harming and poison.

Temporary Upgrades: These you can buy to help yourself get a small advantage. Items are below. Potion of Healing: $50 Use it to instantly heal some health.

Potion of Regeneration: $75 Use it to slowly regenerate health for a certain amount of time.

Potion of Swiftness: $75 Extra speed can help you make a quick escape. Like Sonic says, "You're too slow!"

Potion of Invisibility: $100 Hide among your enemies! Stay in the shadows while killing your enemy!

Splash Potion of Poison: $50 Slowly sap away the enemy's health by throwing this at them!

Splash Potion of Harming: $25 Throw this at your target and quickly do a little damage.

5 Levels: $75 A few levels for enchanting your stuff, it's the only other way to get levels!

Permanent Upgrades: This would work like a separate ranking system, as follows below. Rank 0: Full leather and stone sword Rank 1: Gold boots, rest leather and stone sword Rank 2: Gold boots and helmet, leather chestplate and pants, and stone sword Rank 3: Full gold and stone sword Rank 4: Full gold and gold sword Rank 5: Iron boots, rest gold, and gold sword Rank 6: Iron boots and helmet, rest gold, and iron sword Rank 7: Full iron and iron sword Rank 8: Diamond boots, rest iron, and iron sword Rank 9: Diamond boots and helmet, rest iron, and iron sword Rank 10: Full diamond, iron sword PvP Elite: Full diamond, diamond sword PvP Master: Full diamond, diamond sword, and 10 levels for enchanting

Prices go up for each rank, so you'll need more kills to get a higher rank. Rank Prices:

Gold Ingot: Sell for $25 each Rank 1: $50 Rank 2: $100 Rank 3: $200 Rank 4: $300 Rank 5: $500 Rank 6: $700 Rank 7: $900 Rank 8: $1200 Rank 9: $1500 PvP Elite: $2000 PvP Master: $3000

Other Permanent Upgrades: Bow and Arrows: $25 each You now get a bow and 8 arrows, you can buy more to increase your amount of arrows upon respawning. You get 64 arrows max.

Flint and Steel: $150 You now can use one flint and steel to eliminate your enemy. Burn them alive!!!

Golden Apples: $250 You get 5 golden apples(lower tier) to use, getting refilled each time you respawn.

Miner Access: $500 You can now go to an extra mine area away from combat. You can get resources to make more stuff to get more armor and weapons for a one time deal. For Rank 5 or higher.

Mob Arena Pass: $250 Access to the mob arena allows more chances for money because you can go up against Zombie Pigmen! This is for Rank 3 or higher.

Elite Mob Arena Pass: $1000 For PvP Elite and PvP Master ranks, you can use a special mob arena with a bigger surface area and MORE ZOMBIE PIGMEN! Also, there will be less people to take your loot because of a higher rank requirement.

Elite Fight Arena Pass: $300 Grants access to the Elite arena, to increase the stakes. You can convert money back into gold nuggets here to ramp up the stakes. For PvP Elite and PvP Master Ranks only!

Double Nugget Drops: $750 You get double nuggets from whoever you kill. Works on players only. For example, kill someone with 5 nuggets and you get 10 nuggets.

As you see, prices gradually increase more, the higher the rank. The first rank-up being very cheap and easy to get and PvP Master being very expensive and hard to get. Also, you have to get the nuggets from other players as you spawn with only 1 gold NUGGET. You would only be able to sell gold INGOT. In total, you would need to sell 416 gold ingots, which is worth a total of $10400. This gives the challenge of getting a total of a whopping 3744 gold nuggets.

Extra Feature: An extra feature can be leaderboards for most kills, most money, or even highest rank! Maybe whoever is at the top at the end of each month can get an extra $150 for the shop.

So, there's a "basic" summary of the idea here, and I'm working on it furiously alongside SnowballFight, trying to get both to work at the same time

Current Progress

I have hit a wall with this plugin, as I await feedback from the co-dev of SnowballFight. When he confirms that I'm doing it right (or tells me how to fix what I'm doing wrong), I will apply it to this plugin, and start work on the signs.


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