This plugin will be dedicated to showing emotions through simple player commands. Show your hatred on a player or show affection to another. This plugin is only in planning so suggestions for commands and functions would be great!

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  • /love [player] - Loves a defined player on the server
  • /hug [player] - Hugs a defined player.
  • /hate [player] - Hates a defined player.
  • /poke [player] - Pokes a player.
  • /kiss [player] - Kisses a player.
  • /smack [player] - Smacks a player.
  • /annoy [player] - Annoys a player with a array of mob sounds.
  • /marry [player] - Marries a player.
  • /divorce [player] - Divorces a player.
  • /facepalm [player] - Slows bring palm to your face in disapproval of idiocracy.
  • /whistle [player] - Whistles at a player.
  • /yell [player] - Yells at a player with a Ghast Shriek.


  • emotions.help - Allows use of /emotions and /emotions 2
  • emotions.love - Allows use of /love
  • emotions.hug - Allows use of /hug
  • emotions.hate - Allows use of /hate
  • emotions.kiss - Allows use of /kiss
  • emotions.poke - Allows use of /poke
  • emotions.smack - Allows use of /smack
  • emotions. annoy - Allows use of /annoy
  • emotions.marry - Allows use of /marry
  • emotions.divorce - Allows use of /divorce
  • emotions.facepalm - Allows use of /facepalm
  • emotions.whistle - Allows use of /whistle
  • emotions.yell - Allows access of /yell


Relationships are a rough idea that will be added to the plugin at the right time. It will allow players to have a 'relationship' status much like Facebook. With a simple command sent to a player, and a confirmation command. Those two players can become partners on the server and with a simple breakup command, they will be separated. All players will have access to view the couples of the server.

Servers That Use This Plugin

  • Arc Kingdoms: mc.ArcKingdoms.com
  • Angel Gaming: mc.angel-gaming.com
  • Haven's Cove Tekkit: mc.HavensCove.net
If you would like your server added to this list and you use the Emotions plugin, message me or post below in the comments!


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