This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Elite Log Manager (ELM)

Tired of all that old clutter and constant errors and messages in your console log? Want to just wipe it clean and remove all that hassle? Want to just troll your player's chat window in peace and prosperity? Well, here's your hopes and dreams.

What this plugin does, is it filters out your junky server logs and even separates it out into sub-folders. These folders include Logins, commands, chats, Errors, Warnings and other useful information.

We also have a website dedicated to opted-in servers who want their stats tracked that can enhance their user income by reporting player happiness ratios, admin abusiveness, PVP ratios, total block-breaks and destroys, server stats, ect.

  • Author**: DreadEnd (dreadslicer@gmail.com)
[Elite Log Manager (ELM) Website]


  • Filter server console - Your server log will never be as squeaky clean!
  • Split up your server.log - helps you keep your server organized and not the gigantic mess that you usually see it in.
  • Filter out everything, except for player chat - Tired of those messages that are very annoying? k.
  • Log specified usages of certain items - returns information on location of player, time, date, players around current player.
  • Log specified block placement/destroys - log player placement, break.
  • Log abusive admin commands - Specify certain commands that you consider abusive and this will report them to (/log/abuse/[PLAYERNAME]/commands).
  • Log abusive admin/mod actions - log every "bad-deed" an admin does to other players. This can include "/kill", "/fire", killing a player using a weapon, spamming teleport on a player, Teleporting a player into a lavapit (or hole-in-world), ect... [/log/abuse/[PLAYERNAME]/

  • [Stats Website OPT-IN]
  • [Opt-In] Score admins on their abusiveness neutrally - Gives a neutral score on every admin on your server. This will be uploaded to a website for everybody to see. This is actually a plus if you have good admins on an opt-in server.
  • [Opt-In] Rationalize player happiness in the server - checks for player complaints on the server. This will do it by determining complaint statements vs. non-complaint statement ratios... The players decide the fate of your server... (if you opted-in... lol)
  • [Opt-In/Offline] Warn admins on players who have bad "block place/destroy ratios" - Griefers will normally have an extremely high block destroy ratio...
  • [Opt-In] Enable players to vote on the quality of your server anonymously - Just like a voting site would, you can have your players vote in-game. They will be rewarded with your choice of reward and given perks are to your desire. This vote will be logged to the website just like a normal voting site. (This option does not allow /sudo)

Want to donate?

  • Paypal: dreadslicer@gmail.com
  • All donations are highly appreciated and help the website stay up!


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