Hosts events on the server for everyone to join! VERY early development for this plugin, since this is my first plugin I will be working hard on it to learn and to have fun! I hope y'all enjoy it and give me feedback. I am just scratching the surface on all I have planned for this plugin.

If you use on your server, tell me! I'd love to see it!

What does this plugin do?

This plugin allows you to set up custom teleports across your server for people to tp to and play. So lets pretend you made a parkour and you want to flaunt your skills and show your players. This is useful for admins that want to showcase something, and can be fun for the players as Admins can host events as-well as be creative with the uses with EggspurtEvents!

Enough with the babbling time for the pictures!


I will add more media

Reasons you could use this for!
  1. Flaunt your builds
  2. Host Events and allow people to teleport directly to them
  3. Set up spectator areas for players to.. spectate!
  4. Use your imagination

Permissions -

  • eggspurtevent.join (Allows player to /joinevent and /advertevent)
  • eggspurtevent.leave (Allows player to /leaveevent)
  • eggspurtevent.manage (Allows player to /openevent [Event_Name] [Reward 1st [Reward 2nd] [Reward 3rd] [Event Description] Also allows /advertevent and /closeevent

All Commands

  • /openevent [Event_Name] [1st Place Reward] [2nd Place Reward] [3rd Place Reward] [Description of Event]
  1. - Opens and starts an event!
  2. Example - ./openevent Snowball_Fight 3000 2000 1000 You have a fight with snowballs!
  • /joinevent - Joins an event only if it's open.
  • /advertevent -Advertises an event to help players know that a event is being hosted.
  • /closeevent - Closes the event and allows you to make a new event.


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