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EE3 v1.1

Have you ever played Tekkit, FTB? I sure have and i love equivalent exchange. So much that i've ported EE3(Latest Version) to bukkit, You can now craft the minium stone and transmute using your crafting table. I also personally wanted a way to use EE3 without installing mods which this solves.

What you could use this for:

  • Give your users a new feeling for minecraft
  • Give donators a new power which is not OP
  • Use it as a portable crafting table
  • Play with EE3 without installing mods!

What's so far:

  • Right-Click with the minium stone to open a crafting table
  • Over 80+ Recipes
  • Craftable stone
  • Permissions to prevent certain recipes/usage
  • Spawning abilities for admins/shops

Not much is done at the minute due to EE3 not having alot!

Crafting Recipes

To craft the minium stone:

Crafting Recipe

This crafting recipe is like this to make it okay to get but not too easy as minium shards aren't in the plugin!

Where can i find all the recipes? A full list can be found here or hop onto play.therealmsx.net and type /warp eeb for all the recipes!

But here's a quick list of what you can put with the minium stone

Cobblestone x [4] <-> Flint

Dirt x [4] <-> Gravel

Sand x [4] <-> Sandstone

Sticks x [2] -> Plank

Plank x [4] -> Log

Iron Ingot x [8] <-> Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot x [4] <-> Diamond

Iron Block x [8] <-> Gold Block

Gold Block x [4] <-> Diamond Block

Of course this is few of many, make sure to checkout here for more.

How to get the stone without crafting/adding it in a shop

To get it without crafting:

Do /give YOURNAME 378 1 2 then right click the magma cream to turn it into a minium stone!

To add it to a shop

Simply add the value 378:2 to the shop sign as the ID of the item, Note you cannot sell minium stones like this. You will also have to put a note saying right click with this to turn it into a real stone.


Allowing users to use the stone: (Default: Allowed, but if you use permissions you'll need to set these)

eeb.craft - Allows Crafting of Stone

eeb.workbench - Allows usage of right click workbench

eeb.use - Allows the usage of the stone in crafting

eeb.output.cobblestone - Allows the output being cobble (Using any transmutation recipes)

eeb.output.265 - Allows transmutation into iron ingots (Using any transmutation recipes)

eeb.output.* - Allows All Outputs

eeb.* - Allows everything to-do with stone!


Currently the config is not supported but coming soon.

I found a bug / want to suggest something

Send me a PM, or write it in the comments below!

Servers Using this Plugin

play.therealmsx.net - TycerX's server (/warp eeb for recipes!) - Home of Weary Travelers

If you have a server using it and would like to have it here, drop a comment/pm me.


TycerX's & Myles' overview:

If you make one: Make a comment or PM me a link and i'll add it here!


Stable Builds: You can find stable builds by going to the top right of this page a clicking 'Download' this will redirect you to the latest stable build.

Bleeding Edge: You can find bleeding edge builds on our development server:[[http://ci.myles.us/browse/EEB-EEB| http://ci.myles.us/browse/EEB-EEB]

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

We advise using bukkit stable builds.


Pahimar - Original EE2/3 creator and the person who inspired me to make this plugin!


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