Changelog Archive

Changelog Archive

Kilted Yak's Eve!


  • Added gain multipliers for Heroes, MobArena & WorldGuard
  • Added flag to disable rewards in creative mode


  • Added 1.2 mobs
  • Added feature to randomize enchantment levels
  • Added feature randomly pick from a custom set of rewards
  • Added metrics to track reward types
  • Fixed multipliers (thanks t00thpick1!)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and code improvement

Enchantments & potions & dragons! Oh my!


  • Added 1.0 mobs
  • Added support for enchanted item drops
  • Added option to toggle awards for MobArena
  • Added option to clear default drops even when there is no reward
  • Fixed bug with death penalties not registering


  • You can now stack enchantments


  • Fixed bug with random drop calculation
  • Fixed bug with default data ID making funky drops


  • Added clearing XP orbs from camping mob spawners
  • Fixed MobArena config
  • Fixed rounding error on coin rewards
  • Fixed case-sensitive reward lookups
  • Fixed recognizing LavaSlime reward (a.k.a. MagmaCube)
  • Fixed world-specific permission bug


  • Added XP orb amount/change just like coin
  • Added ability to specify durability of item drops
  • Added NoFarmFire option to include Fire and FireTick
  • Fixed spawner block break exploit
  • Fixed group gain multiplier bug
  • Misc. code cleanup


  • Fixed bug with empty default.yml on Windows

All your death are belong to us!


  • Added multi-world support
  • Added gain multipliers based on time of day and environment
  • Added NoFarm feature
  • Added reward/penalty based on kill/death streaks via DeathTpPlus plugin
  • Added support for angry wolves and powered creepers
  • You can now specify Data IDs for drop items (e.g. Birch Leaves)
  • You can now specify a range for number of dropped items
  • You can now specify drop items by name
  • Economy support is now optional
  • MobArena plugin: disabled mob rewards when players are in arena
  • Developers: hookable CreatureKilledByPlayer and PlayerKilledByPlayer events
  • Fixed bug encountering unknown environments in config
  • Fixed bug encountering unknown mobs
  • Fixed bug with drops

People are creatures too!


  • Added PVP rewards - yay!
  • Finally fixed issue with PermissionsBukkit and wildcard entries
  • Fixed bug with penalty adding instead of subtracting

Mo' Mobs!


  • Updated for 1.8 creatures/mobs
  • Added ecoCreature.DeathPenalty perm for per world death penalties
  • Added support for wider variety of permissions plugins via Vault
  • Removed Register econ layer in favor of Vault
  • Fixed exploit killing your own tamed mobs for rewards
  • Fixed bug clearing drops for unregistered mob/reward
  • Fixed bug uncaught exception when group perms are not available
  • Fixed bug with case insensitive PermissionBukkit perms
  • Fixed bug with custom drops
  • Fixed bug with death penalty
  • Refined default ecoCreature.yml config

Cheap Spawners & Cheatin' Death!


  • Fixed bug with death penalty coin percent config
  • Fixed bug where spawners didn't give coin
  • Fixed bug with creature specific permissions

Who killed that sheep?


  • Fixed a bug where players were awarded for untamed wolves killing sheep

Cleanin' House!


  • Wired "Wolverine" option to reward kills from tamed wolves (or any tamed creature - thanks Sleaker!)
  • Fixed some messages still appearing with messaging turned off
  • Fixed spawner radius calculation
  • Dropped support for MineConomy
  • Various optimizations (thanks again Sleaker!)

Back from the dead!


  • Updated for the latest stable bukkit.
  • Added support for NPCs (a.k.a. Monsters).
  • Removed support for uQuest



  • Updated for the latest stable bukkit.
  • Some features are still being worked on, in case you're wondering.



  • Fixed messages with no colors.
  • Fixed death penalty.
  • Added FixedDrops, open your ecoCreature.yml and add FixedDrops: false right under OverrideDrops. You can set the value true or false, if true... creatures will only drop the specified amount in your loot table, otherwise when false it takes a random number between 0 and the amount you wanted. This only needs to be added if upgrading from 0.0.5 and don't want to re-generate your config.



  • uQuest hooking, if a creature dies, it can give a random quest.
  • Spawner drops items now.
  • Dollar signs as your currency now works.
  • Updated to work with MineConomy 0.5.6
  • Flat or percentage for the death penalty.
  • Misc random stuff that didn't work should work.
  • Tested against iConomy, didn't have time for the others - but should work, report what doesn't work if thats the case.


Cows with laserguns!


  • uQuest hooked, but doesn't do anything yet.
  • MineConomy support added.
  • If camping near a spawner, mobs shouldn't drop anything.
  • Minor fixes and tweaks here and there, hopefully working better and warns when not working.

Crispy Milk!


  • Drops under 1% are working.
  • Added a check to see whether or not Permissions are hooked and enabled.
  • Minor fixes.

Maintenance overdrive, supreme drift!


  • Fixed up some permission checking.
  • Tweaked some hooks.
  • Compiled and tested with RB 670
  • Minor maintenance, no config changes required.

Maintenance maintenance of the maintenance extreme extreme release.... deluxe


  • Toggler for No Reward message fixed.

Jeeeez man ;/


  • Hopefully nailed the DEATH and RESPAWN issues.
  • Added BOSEconomy, its back in the game.
  • PigZombie is PigZombie, and no longer Zombie
  • Permissions are back in, and there has been changes made.
  • Extra gains work on group-level, you'll see what I mean inside the config.
  • No Reward message can now be toggled on or off.
  • Drop overrides can also be toggled on or off.
  • Random acts of fiddling around with the code
  • You must backup, remove & let ecoCreature generate a new config with this release.



  • Default drop tables are overriden by ecoCreature, default table is added to the config. Will be optional later.
  • Fixed a serious bug, where the players inventory would be wiped upon death. (very random and not always happening - but could)
  • Specifying a drop amount for a creature will give it a random between 0 and the specified amount now.
  • Essentials Economy is again supported and seems to be working better than ever.
  • Where did all the permissions go? VIP is left in for now, everything should per default yield rewards for now.



  • Pigs no longer looked upon as Creepers
  • IntegerCurrency fixed, and working again.

Maintenance Deluxe


  • Drops should override default creatures drops now.
  • Drops should now drop at the location of the creature which died.
  • Minor fixes.

Extra Maintenance Release


  • Should be working fine with RB617, two test servers reporting no errors.
  • Configuration file fixed.
  • Tiny fixes.

Maintenance release.


  • Check and option to see whether or not a player is under sea level.
  • Wolves added and supported.
  • Expanded list of items held.
  • Configuration changes, backup and re-generate, make sure you are up to date!

Maintenance release.


  • Small bugfixes and tweaks.
  • Mob/monster spawner camping checks both the player and creature if near the spawner now, not just the player.



  • New permission available.
  • New configurable messages, send a message even if there aren't any rewards!
  • Option for configuring spawncamping message, or turn it off.
  • Empty messages should no longer output to players.
  • VIP group permission, reward your donors or special players with extra cash!
  • Penalty upon death (optional, drop some money when you die)
  • New and improved configuration,back up and generate a new one to see the newlyadded awesome. + some other changes and fixes.



  • Fixed a bug with iConomy adding money even though a negative amount was entered.
  • Small tweaks.



  • Quick bugfix for proper messages.



  • Initial Release.