An extremely lightweight plugin that allows a player's economy balance to be displayed next to their name when they chat!


This plugin requires Vault in order to hook into the various economy & permission plugins out there. You can download it here

Commands & Permissions

  • /eco roundbal <boolean> | Control whether or not balances will be rounded. Set to "true" to enable it and "false" to disable it. | Permission:ecochat.roundbal
  • /eco reload | Reloads the plugin's configuration file. | Permission: ecochat.reload
  • /eco edit <bracket #> <new bracket> | Allows for editing of the brackets surrounding the balance. "Bracket #" is either 1 or 2 and the "new bracket can be anything you want, for example "&8[". | Permission: ecochat.edit.bracket
  • /eco balcolor <color code> | Allows for editing of the balance color. Supports standard color codes, such as &4. | Permission: ecochat.edit.balcolor



  1. Download Plugin -> Drag and Drop into your Plugins Folder -> Configure to your liking -> Done!

Here is an example configuration file:

#------[Economy Chat]------#
# Made by The Gaming Grunts
# YouTube:
# Bukkit Forums:
# Our server:

# Change how the first bracket will look
Bracket 1 Format: '&8['

# Change how the second bracket will look
Bracket 2 Format: '&8]'

# Change the color of the player's balance
Balance Color: '&3'

# Do you want the player's balance to be rounded?
# For example, if set to true $100.65 will be displayed as $101
Round Balance: false


Nothing! Please leave suggestions for what should be added next!

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to PlanetMinecraft user TeamEthereal for making an awesome logo for the plugin :)


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