EasyTravel [Version 1.3]

EasyTravel is a region based teleport system, used for creating realistic transport system by using teleports, like with boats, ships and trains.

Usage Example Video:

Video on YouTube


  • Allows teleporting to a warp point only, if you inside a TravelPort.
  • Easier and Simpler to understand than other similar tools for that kind of teleports.
  • Scheduled Departs
  • Paid teleports with iCconomy 4,5&6, Essentials Economy, MultiCurrency and BOSE. (Optional)
  • Lock TravelPorts with a password.
  • Selections done by WorldEdit wand. (Currently WE required!)
  • Supports every up to date permissions system.
  • Multiworld support.
  • Supports translating the interface.

How To Setup

1.) Download the ZIP Archive and extract it into you Plugins folder of Bukkit. 2.) Also Download WorldEdit (Required for Configuration!) 2b.) If you use Permissions don't forget to set them! 3.) You are ready to create your first TravelPort by selecting a cube with the WorldEdit //wand tool and the EasyTravel Command "/port create My First TravelPort"

Create First Travel Route

1.) Select a cube (will be the first TravelPort) with the WorldEdit wand tool. 2.) Enter the command: /port create XYZ123 XYZ123 should be the name of the TravelPort. (Could contain spaces too!) (Shown to the user!) This creates a TravelPort with the selected area. Notice: If somebody travels to the port, it will arrive at the location where you are standing, when you entered the command! (You could change the position later with the /port destination command!) 3.) Create another TravelPort with the WorldEdit wand selection and the /port create command. 4.) Now go inside the second TravelPort and enter the command: /port link XYZ123 This will connect the two TravelPorts. Using /depart while standing inside a TravelPort will teleports you to the linked TravelPort. 5.) Optional: Now you could set a price or a password for the TravelPort by using one of the following commands, while standing inside the TravelPort: /port price 10.0 ...or another price instead of 10.0. /port password ABC ...or another password instead of ABC.


Allowed to everyone if no Permissions is detected:

easytravel.depart Allows the user to use the TravelPorts.

Allowed to Operators only, if no Permissions is detected:

easytravel.create Allows the user to create and manage it's own TravelPorts. easytravel.info Allows to use the "/port info" command, to get information about the TravelPort you are currently inside. easytravel.list Allows the user to list and search all existing TravelPorts. easytravel.compass Allows to point the compass to the TravelPort. easytravel.port Allows to port directly to the TravelPort from everywhere. (Should only given to Mods and Admins!) easytravel.moderate Allows the user to manage TravelPorts they don't own. easytravel.administrate Allows the user to reload the configuration ingame.


/depart Teleports you to the target TravelPort, when you are inside a TravelPort. (Needed Permission: easytravel.depart) /port Command used for creating and managing the TravelPorts. Use /port help for more information.


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