This plugin is beta. That means it may not work yet! DynEco is another plugin that determines prices for items/blocks on how much supply/demand there is for the item. It works by adding/removing a calculated amount from the default price determined in the config.


  • MySQL backend for logging. Each transaction is logged in an easy format. You can easily use this data for websites etc.
  • Simple configuration, with 2 settings (plus MySQL settings) that allows you to have almost complete control over your prices.
  • Price will increase as demand increases, and decrease as supply increases. See the equation at the bottom.
  • Buy, sell and view current values with commands.
  • Buy items with signs.
  • Per-Block/item permissions system.


  • MySQL server
  • Vault
  • An economy plugin supported by Vault. I recommend Essentials.


  • Download: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/dyneco/files/
  • Extract and place the default config files and jar in the right directories.
  • Update config to match your MySQL database.
  • Use the database.sql to generate the database schema. (Using PHPMyAdmin or something)
  • Done!


  • dyneco.buy.* - Allow the group/user to buy any item.
  • dyneco.buy.itemname - Allow the group/user to buy that item. itemname is the full name in lowercase with no spaces. E.G: diamondsword, or the item's ID.
  • dyneco.sell.* - Allow the group/user to sell any item.
  • dyneco.sell.itemname - Allow the group/user to sell that item.


  • multiplier: Use this value to change the amount of influence supply/demand has on the price. (Should be able to set to 0 for no influence at all)
  • tax: A decimal value added to the total each time an item is bought. 0.15 = 15% etc. Set to 0 for no tax.
  • span: Over how many days should supply/demand effect price.

How it works

Each transaction is logged in the MySQL database. When a player buys/sells an item it will count how many times it has been bought/sold over the last week. This data is then applied to the equation:

x = pad/100 * log(demand/supply)* k + k

Where demand is the total number of this item bought, and supply is the total number of the item sold. k is the default value of the item. log is a log to the base 10.

Oh and if you wanna do a pull request, go for it! https://github.com/ttocskcaj/DynEco

Coming Soon

  • Enchantments - Buy enchantments for the item in your hand.
  • MySQL backend for everything :)


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