This is the bridge plugin between MythicDrops/DiabloDrops and your worlds and chests.
Ever felt like finding ruins or abandoned mines was not all that rewarding? Not felling so exited when finding a nether fortress(CB 1.6.2+) and find a chest with an Iron bar? Tired of finding a spawner room just to walk away with a saddle and a cocoa bean?
DungeonBridge will fill the chests generated on any world with cool items generated from MythicDrops and DiabloDrops.
In a per-world basis, it is configurable the chance of each chest to have MythicDrops and/or DiabloDrops items in it, a range of how many items could be in it, and the possible tiers of such items.

Please note that everything I'm working with right now is not on a stable stage!
Version of the plugin 2.3 is OUT!!! finally chests refilling regeneration is now available.
Since there had been a BIG code refactoring, I need to run some serious testing and I'm short of time and guinea pigs for such purposes, if anyone is willing to help me test, please let me know.

Current version

  • v1.10.0 This had been tested on 1.6.4 R2 with MythicDrops 2
  • v1.11.0 This had been tested on 1.7.2 R03 with MythicDrops 3
  • v1.13
    • This had been tested on 1.7.2 R03 with MythicDrops 3
    • This had been tested on 1.7.2 R03 with DiabloDrops 2.6
  • v1.14
    • This had been tested on 1.7.2.R03 with MythicDrops v3.1.0-SNAPSHOT
    • This had been tested on 1.7.2 R03 with DiabloDrops 2.6
  • v2.1
    • This had been tested on 1.7.9
    • Same dependencies as version 1.14
  • v2.3


In order to make this plugin work, you will need

  • MythicDrops (get the right plugin version for your MD version)
  • From version 1.13+ you will need MythicDrops and/or DiabloDrops


Just download and drop into plugins path. The plugin will create a sample config for you

Note that from version 1.13+ you will get 3 files created config.yml, MD.yml and DD.yml, except ShowChestsLoc, the old configuration was moved to MD.yml. Version 2.2 will add a forth config file. After first start a config file like this will be generated :

    Enable: true
    CleanFill: false
      ChooseTiers: true
      CustomItems: false
      MinItems: 0
      MaxItems: 3
      Chance: 50
      - Common
      - Uncommon
      - Rare

When making changes please mind the yml format. Please note that root 'ChestFill' is no longer used, only the 'ChestFill' inside each world section.
Also note that lastest versions are adding more config options, but it's still backward compatible. Plugin upon start will add the new configuration options.

this is internal, don't change it.
this is the chances in % (out of 100) for each chest to get loaded with cool Drops items
MinItems, MaxItems
A random number between those 2 values will be the number of items in a chest which 'succeded' it's chance.
if set to false will ignore values on 'Tiers' and will put items from a random tier for each item. Chances of each item's tier is defined by MythicDrops. if set to true will read the values from 'Tiers' and each item will be randomly of any of the configured Tiers
if set to true the contents of the chest will be wiped before filling it with the cool drops., if both MythicDrops and DiabloDrops are enabled for a world, if any of them have this set to true, the contents will be wiped


  • - This will not affect in any way drops from mobs.
  • - This will only affect generated chests, already existing chests will not be refilled. (see below)
  • - If there's an existing world and you have Multiverse by running /mv regen <world> will regenerate the world and put the configured Drops on them. (please note this resets the world, if you don't want that, this plugin will automatically only fill newly generated chests on new chunks)
  • - Next release will include chests refilling!
  • - Don't hesitate to contact me for questions or bugs, my intention is to make this work the best possible.
  • - If you have any ideas of some feature you would like to see included, don't hesitate to contact me!

ALL credits are for

  • - rmh4209 (for MythicDrops and DiabloDungeonBridge)
  • - UltrafaceGuy (for MythicDrops)
  • - MCForger (for DiabloDungeonBridge)
  • - Death_marine (for DiabloDrops)
  • - Well I guess I could take some :)


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