DropToInv v1.0.0


This plugin allows items dropped from broken blocks to be added directly to the player's inventory. On prison servers especially, where drops are plentiful, this can drastically  reduce lag. It is also commonly used to ensure no one else takes your drops. If you're looking for a plugin that allows items to drop from broken blocks, but are protected for a certain amount of time before becoming public, then you should take a look at my other plugin named PrivateDrops (opens in new window).


This section will provide more information on what each option in the config does.

  • enabled-for everyone | Enable DropToInv for all players, if this is disabled then players must have the permission node "droptoinv.use" to use DropToInv.
  • enabled-per-world | If set to true, only worlds on "enabled-worlds" will use DropToInv.
  • enabled-worlds | If "enabled-per-world" is set to true, DropToInv will only be enabled in worlds listed here.

Additionally, all strings sent from this plugin may be customized within the configuration file.


To install this plugin, simply download it and put it in the plugins folder on your server.


  • droptoinv.cmd | Gives access to the command "/droptoinv".
  • droptoinv.use| Allows drops to be sent to the player's inventory automatically.
  • droptoinv.reload | Gives access to the command "/dti reload".

Command Usage

  • /droptoinv | Shows config settings and commands.
  • /droptoinv reload | Reloads the configuration file.

Aliases [/dti]

Current Features

  • This has been tested with WorldGuard's build flag and does not bypass it if the player does not have permission to build in that region.
  • Give access to everyone, or just players with permission
  • Enable plugin on a per-world basis
  • Customize all strings sent from plugin

Planned Features

  • None currently.

Requests are welcome!


If you like my work and want to support what I do, this is my PayPal donation link: https://paypal.me/OceanSharma :)


View download page for an up-to-date changelog!


If you run in to any errors, please submit a ticket or direct message me instead of leaving a negative comment :)


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