DropHeads v3.9.0


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    Dec 14, 2023
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.20.5-Snapshot
  • 1.20.4
  • 1.20.3-Snapshot
  • 1.20.3
  • 1.20.2
  • 1.20.1
  • 1.20
  • 1.19.4
  • 1.19.3
  • 1.19.2
  • 1.19.1
  • 1.19
  • 1.18.2
  • 1.18.1
  • 1.18
  • 1.17
  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13



  • Fixed console error for unknown "GRASS" (now "SHORT_GRASS")
  • Fixed console error on Spigot 1.20.3 for improperly setting head textures
  • Fixed player-death-message bug on 1.20.3
  • Fixed skin webcache not properly saving "missing head" results
  • With the above fixes, the plugin now works properly on 1.20.3/1.20.4
  • The 'head-click-max-rate-in-ticks' setting is now a global rate limit (instead of per-player)
  • Added drop rates for Armadillo and Breeze
  • Reorganized texture files on GitHub, which unfortunately means older DropHeads versions can no longer automatically update textures
  • Memory usage reduction, miscellaneous performance improvements, and general code cleanup


  • Added bStats
  • Added head for upcoming mobs Armadillo and Breeze
  • Updated Bat head texture
  • Tentative fix for bedrock players on servers running Geyser


  • Compatibility with Minecraft's 1.20.2 profile API changes (fixes player-death head drops)
  • Added noteblock-sounds.txt file, so servers can customize mob head sounds as they please
  • Better offline-mode support


  • Fixed behead messages for OPs not showing on (vanilla) Craftbukkit servers
  • Renamed all occurrences of 'modifiers' to 'multipliers'
  • Updated the Grumm/Dinnerbone Llama textures
  • Changed noteblock for fish heads to use the "flop" sound (previously used "ambient" sound)



  • Fixed a permission check for projectile kills
  • Added Grumms for Sniffer and Camel heads
  • Updated droprates for Sniffer and Camel
  • Better compatibility with custom-death-message plugins


  • Fixed 'show-head-type-in-lore:false' erasing head names
  • More decimal places of precision in /droprate
  • Added Sniffer head and (some) painting heads
  • Optimized head name translations and profile lookups


  • Fixed mob heads not having a name set properly (bug in previous update, v3.7.10)
  • Added chest boat head variations


  • Fixed a rare (but harmless) console error when a player joins and leaves in the same tick
  • Added Camel head
  • GameProfile lookup optimization and option to disable entirely for performance
  • Moved Grumm/Dinnerbone heads to a separate texture file (downloaded only if enabled)
  • Moved sideways-Shulker heads to a separate texture file (downloaded only if enabled)
  • Moved colored-collar tamed cat/dog heads to a separate texture file (downloaded only if enabled)


  • Fixed "a/an" for English click-listener head info
  • Support for new 1.19.3 Piglin heads
  • Updated Vex head texture
  • Minor tweaks & cleanup in default config


  • Fixed an issue with player head stacking when texture-updates were disabled
  • Fixed a console warning for missing textures (e.g. item_frame)
  • Added the 7 new default player skins to the textures file
  • More customizability for the 'dropheads.silentbehead' permission

  • Fixed an issue with spawn-cause-modifiers triggering "StringIndexOutOfBounds" on certain EntityDeathEvents



  • Reworked 'specific-tool-multipliers' and 'time-alive-multipliers', and added customization per-entity for the second
  • Added "Grumm" variants for all 1.19 heads
  • Fixed an issue with the log.txt file encountered when certain named items were used to behead
  • Code cleanup & optimizations


  • Fixed a potential compatibility issue with DropHeads + EssentialsX-2.19.4 on Paper-1.19
  •  Added Goat head variations with missing horns


  • Minecraft 1.19 support
  • Enabled colorful display names in behead messages


  • Fixed 'dropheads.alwaysbehead' not showing up in /droprate when it should
  • Updated spawn-cause-modifiers.txt so entities from /summon and spawn eggs don't have decreased drop rates (was confusing too many people)
  • Added 'dropheads.canbehead' sub-perms for individual mob types
  • Better support for plugins that use the vanilla death message (e.g., DiscordSRV)


  • [MAJOR] Fixed DropHeads blocking non-behead player death messages
  • [MAJOR] Fixed looting effect bug introduced in v3.7.0 (it was decreasing drop rate instead of increasing)
  • Fixed a console error when replacing death messages for both players and pets is disabled
  • Fixed a console error when logging head drops where no weapon was used
  • Fixed another possible console error from head-click-msg
  • Fixed an issue setting item name/lore that broke the plugin on 1.13-1.14 servers


  • Fixed a NullPointerException for indirect kills without a player
  • Fixed a console error from head-click-msg



  • Fixed a bug where custom-droprate-multiplier-permissions were being ignored (when unquoted in the config)
  • Increased accuracy of sideways-shulker head rotation detection
  • (local: English) Improved indefinite article ('a' vs 'an') auto selection in head click-info


  • Added target selector support to /gethead arguments
  • Added giveto:<target> selector for one or more recipients to /gethead
  • Added inventory-target-slot argument  to /gethead
  • Added additional explanation text to /droprate when the drop chance is zero.
  • Added 'Screaming Goat Head (Grumm)'
  • Added 'Magma Cube (Lava inside, Grumm)'
  • Fixed a 1.18 issue with Ghast heads not dropping (and printing an error in console)



  • Added 'custom-droprate-multiplier-permissions'
  • Added head texture for upcoming Warden mob (1.19) and placeholders for other 1.19 mobs
  • Added a 'replace-heads' setting which works just like 'update-zombie-pigman-heads' but can be configured for any head substitution
  • Improved code for updating lore when refreshing old head items
  • Minor polishing of the texture file

  • Fixed head stacking issue caused by lore-refreshing
  • Fixed 'endermen-camouflage-heads' setting not working in v3.6.11
  • Made it so 'cracked-iron-golem-heads' no longer depends on 'head-click-listener'


  • Fixed axolotl variants not dropping the correct colors
  • Fixed middle-click console error
  • Added '/gethead <selector> <head> <amount>'
  • Optimized player GameProfile lookups
  • Simplified item lore NBT (head type info)



  • Fixed an issue where beheading a mob with a missing texture (e.g., Armor Stand) could cause a crash
  • Added drop chance for "Toast" Rabbit head from killing Toast-renamed rabbits
  • Clicking heads of players who have never joined now gives accurate info (a 1.17 bug)
  • Minor stability improvement for '/reload' and plugin reloaders in Java 16 when loading jar files (a 1.17 bug)


  • Fixed an issue with players dropping Steve heads in 1.17
  • Started work on various other player profile issues that seems to have arisen in 1.17


  • Minecraft 1.17 support


  • Fixed bee and 21 common tropical fish variant heads not dropping (bug in 3.6.0)
  • Fixed charged creeper killed by another charged creepers sometimes dropping a regular creeper head
  • Changed lots of head textures to use more modern/accurate skins
  • Added 'use-legacy-head-textures' config option and textures (partial support)
  • Added 'transparent-slime-heads' config option
  • Added '${URL}' placeholder for head click-info messages


  • Fixed texture issues for 'Gray Closed Upside-down Shulker' and 'X-Collared Ginger Cat'
  • Fixed 'behead-announcement' potentially being changed from 'OFF' to 'DIRECT' for invisible players
  • Added '/gethead <url>'
  • Better stability for heads of players who have never joined the server
  • head-textures.txt file now uses Mojang texture IDs by default (but will also continue to support Base64 values)


  • Fixed charged creepers still triggering vanilla head drops even when they disabled in the config
  • Fixed '/gethead mob:PARROT' missing texture error (since v3.6.1) because no entity "default" subtype color was specified
  • Added 3 missing textures for collared cats
  • Rate-limited the clicking an iron golem head with ingots feature so it doesn't repair through multiple stages instantly
  • Added a new optional feature 'endermen-camouflage-heads' which can make specific heads work like carved pumpkins




  • Fixed '/gethead code:xxx' and '/droprate <mob>'
  • Fixed collar color for Blue- and Light_Gray- collared wolf heads
  • Updated all textures to standard format of 64x64 pixels
  • Updated lingering pre-Jappa textures (from Minecraft's 1.14+  texture overhaul)
  • Added sidways-shulker and closed-shulker heads
  • Various translation improvements; e.g., if using a future or unsupported translation key, it defaults to the English(or configured) name


  • Fixed a rare error messaged when wither skeletons were beheaded by a non-player
  • Fixed wither skeletons sometimes not dropping skulls that they picked up from their dead friends
  • Head name translation support!
  • Added 1.17 mob head textures (not guaranteed to be finalized until Minecraft 1.17 is released)
  • Head naming system overhaul and simplification
  • Murder-weapon item display in behead message now consistently matches ingame formatting
  • Full hex color support in 'head-click-format', and everywhere else as well
  • Added HeadDropEvent and HeadRollEvent API classes


  • Changed all "SILVER" heads to "LIGHT_GRAY" to match Bukkit API's DyeColor enum


  • Fixed a rare NullPointerError message in the console when clicking on certain unrecognized heads
  • Fixed a missing set of parentheses in the 'drop-for-nonplayer-kills' check
  • Cleaned up 'vanilla-wither-skeleton-skulls' for better synergy with other config settings
  • Added warning message if DropHeads detects another plugin messing with the wither skeleton drop rate
  • Added 'dropheads.alwaysbehead' sub-perms (e.g., giving someone 'dropheads.alwaysbehead.cave_spider')
  • Added an [amount] argument for /gethead, i.e, '/gethead mob:SHEEP 64'


  • Fixed 'hollow-skeletal-skulls' dropping non-vanilla material type skeleton skulls
  • Added 'vanilla-wither-skeleton-skulls' option (fix dogs beheading wither skeletons and related things)


  • Added "Grumm" variants for hollow-skeletal-skulls
  • Updated 'vanilla-wither-skeleton-looting-behavior' to included entities (i.e., tamed wolves)
  • Allow priority-list support for 'head-item-drop-mode' with multiple modes
  • Internal code cleanup and optimizations


  • Fixed creative NBT-copy-click item names
  • Fixed custom-lore-saving combined with showing mob type in lore potentially losing one or the other.
  • Added 'prevent-head-placement' config setting (false by default)
  • Added 'prefer-vanilla-heads' config setting (true by default)
  • Added 'hollow-skeletal-skulls' config setting
  • Added support for custom drop rates for mob sub-types
  • Added sub-permissions to /gethead for restricting spawn-access of heads for mobs/players/HeadDatabase/etc
  • Added click-info customizable format for HDB heads and Unknown texture heads
  • Added 'head-item-drop-mode' to control how head item are handled upon a beheading
  • Changed "White Sheep Head" name to just "Sheep head"
  • Preserve comments in head-textures.txt file when auto-updating the textures
  • Various minor improvements for some textures


  • Fixed startup compatibility error messages with certain other plugins
  • Minor code refactoring


  • Fixed console error when info-clicking heads with no profile data (placed by certain other plugins)
  • Use an empty behead message to disable it entirely


  • Fixed bug with player-kill-threshold detection
  • Fixed a compatibility bug with other (incorectly configured) plugins
  • When UNKNOWN/DEFAULT entity drop rate is 0, register ALL death listeners (minecarts, paintings, mobs, etc.)


  • [MAJOR] Fixed v3.4.1 bug - heads were not dropping when using the default config
  • Optimized DeathListeners for when certain categories of mobs all have a drop chance of 0


  • Added per-mob customization for behead announcement type
  • Cold Strider heads now drop like they are supposed to
  • Added 'drop-saddled-heads' config option; currently only applies for Striders (BETA)
  • Added separate texture for Baby Zombie Pigmen (only affects Minecraft versions below 1.16)
  • Slightly tweaked 'allow-indirect-kills' and 'allow-projectile-kills' to behave more like how they sound


  • Fixed indirect-kill-threshold edge case where mobs not killed by a place could still drop a head
  • Fixed small possibility of Minecart/Boat heads dropping twice for a single VehicleDestroyEvent, when enabled (off by default)
  • Added the remaining Villager and Zombie Villager variants!
  • Added (dyed) Collared Dog heads
  • Added (dyed) Collared Cat heads, for each cat variant
  • Added config setting to adjust EntityDeathListener priority (can help with plugin compatibility, e.g., DeadChest)
  • Added option to enable heads for "Hanging" entities, e.g., item_frames, paintings, and leash_hitch.
  • Persistent spawn-reason-modifier using entity NBT
  • 'LOCAL' range behead broadcasts now work cross-dimensionally (e.g., people through a nearby nether portal can see the message)
  • Minor refactoring of the HeadAPI


  • Fixed a startup crash (occured when DropHeads and HDB were installed but Vault was not)
  • Rewrote HDB integration, with better head item-tagging and /gethead usability
  • Expanded on the /droprate command, including entity-on-cursor support (still in BETA!)
  • Added 'update-texture' config setting; will be fully supported in v3.3.9 onward
  • Added 'unstackable-heads' config setting, which can be used to make heads unstackable
  • Minor optimizations in player-lookup code


  • Fixed issue with looting calculation (for level 0) when determining whether to drop heads
  • Added a permission to enable/disable head drops from a specific player/mob (dropheads.candrophead, true by default)
  • Added /droprate command
  • Config file cleanup, with re-added support for legacy config (v3.2 and below)
  • Enabled auto-updater by default


  • Fixed 'time-alive-modifier' not always getting applied
  • Vanilla wither-skeleton looting now ONLY affects looting modifiers (and NOT the other modifiers)!
  • Added config option to show head-type in item lore
  • HDB integration for /gethead
  • Added logging config option
  • Synchronized behavior of EntityDeathListener and VehicleDestroyListener
  • Minor code optimizations

  • Fixed looting multiplier breaking for high looting values
  • Fixed behead message showing the weapon name twice
  • Added a config option to replaced existing Zombie Pigmen Heads with Zombified Piglin Heads
  • Removed console warnings for "Unknown EntityType: PIG_ZOMBIE"


  • Fixed loading and handling of 'looting-addition' setting
  • Added cold/warm Strider head variants (cold variant is current unobtainable; waiting on Spigot!)
  • Added "Grumm" variants for all 1.16 heads
  • Added drop rate settings to the config file for all the 1.16 mobs
  • "GRUMM" now shows up as a tab-complete option in /gethead


  • Fixed typo in default clickinfo config setting
  • Made head-drop-rates.txt file prettier
  • Removed repeated heads in debug command
  • Added 2 config settings: 'looting-multiplier' and 'looting-addition', which let you change how looting affects drop rates
  • Added 'vanilla-wither-skeleton-looting-behavior', which can be used to override the previous two settings
  • Added textures for about a dozen more Zombie Villager biome variants (still W.I.P...)


  • Tool-bonus for projectile-kills is now based on the item used to fire the projectile (e.g., the Crossbow used to shoot a tipped arrow)
  • Config option to only use 1 head texture for each mob type (boring!)
  • Death messages when killed using an item now use exact vanilla by default: "X was decapitated by Y using [item]
  • Added 'dropheads.clickinfo' permission for clicking a head to view its info


  • [MAJOR] Fixed: Item meta (lore, enchants, etc.) was being lost when head items were dropped
  • Fixed: Custom item names are now properly italicized in behead broadcasts
  • Fixed: Removed "Unknown Head" console warnings for heads from future Minecraft versions
  • Rewrote Tellraw library, for things like hoverable text in death messages
  • Added 'time-alive-modifiers', a way to modify drop rates based on an entity's age
  • Added a new BETA feature for saving head item lore even when it gets placed as a block
  • Option to display info for a placed head when it is right-clicked


  • Updated EvLib code library and organization
  • Updated behead broadcast system to use the new EvLib features
  • Items are now appropriately colored based on item rarity


  • Option to enable dropping Boat or Minecart heads
  • Rewrote and optimized EntityDeathListener (again)
  • Configurable behead announcement message
  • Drop 1 head per charged creeper explosion by default (to mimic vanilla behavior)
  • Added biome-specific villager heads
  • Added Minecraft 1.16 mob heads
  • Combine jar resource and '/plugins/DropHeads/' folder textures, for a more complete list (for people with outdated texture files)
  • Improved texture for Stray head


  • Fixed a bug where if you threw head itemstacks on the ground some of the stacked heads would vanish
  • Fixed a bug where the plugin didn't always respect the 'player-kills-only' config setting
  • Fixed a bug where heads placed on an armorstand wouldn't drop unless the armorstand was broken by a player
  • Changed 'Stray Head' to 'Stray Skull' (and also for other skeletal mobs, e.g., Skeleton_Horse)
  • Added more Tropical Fish heads, we now have 16/22 of the common varieties!
  • Reduced console startup messages


  • Minecraft 1.13+ support
  • Added Bee Head variants and new Grumm textures


  • Must use 1.14.X, not backwards compatible!
  • Fixed NullPointerException error in console when running /gethead with no arguments on a new account with no skin
  • Changed code source & compliance to Java 8 (for support for people who don't update Java)


  • Must use 1.14.X, not backwards compatible!
  • Fixed incorrect wither skull drop rate
  • Fixed occasional head double-drop when killed by a charged creeper
  • Renamed (via. anvil, etc.) heads should now retain their custom names


  • Must use 1.14.X, not backwards compatible!
  • Fixed 'nolooting' config option not being respected
  • Fixed all issues where plugin breaks after a /reload and must be re-downloaded
  • Added two new config options: 'drop-for-ranged-kills' and 'drop-for-indirect-kills'
  • Removed evp. prefix from permissions, this may break existing setups


  • Must use 1.14.X, not backwards compatible!
  • Better player- and entity-head lookup system
  • Tab complete for /gethead
  • Code abstractions & cleanup
  • Red vs. Snow fox distinguishing issue fixed


  • Must use 1.14.X, not backwards compatible!
  • New Heads: Fox, Panda, Pillager, Ravager, Brown Mooshroom, Wandering Trader, 4xTrader Llama, 11xCat, 15xVillager, and 15xZombie Villager
  • API major rewrite and improvements
  • File 'head-list.txt' now combined with in-jar resource
  • Known issues:
    • Bukkit/Spigot doesn't give a way to distinguish between red foxes and snow foxes, so only the red head is dropped for now


  • Must use 1.13+, not backwards compatible!
  • Added Grumm/Dinnerbone head variations for EVERY mob!
  • Better API support (still W.I.P)
  • Added 'charged-creeper-always-behead' config option
  • Config readability improvements


  • Must use 1.13+, no longer compatible with 1.12 from this point onward!!
  • Fixed a rare missing-texture bug that could occur when using heads of players who have never joined
  • ALL config files are now available in the /plugins/Dropheads/ folder
  • Added the Hopper-Minecart head
  • Better head refresh when a player changes skin
  • Tweaked default drop rates


  • 1.13 compatibility!
  • Added 1.13 heads (excluding tropical fish... coming soon!)
  • Rewrote head material data to match 1.13 format
  • Tweaked default settings


  • Fixed occasional head-stacking issue
  • Re-balanced drop rates
  • All heads up to 1.12
  • Optimizations and code cleanup
  • Added Angry-Wolf head for killing enraged wolves


  • Added parrot heads
  • Added cat heads
  • Added rabbit heads
  • Added more zombie villager heads
  • Added polar bear head


  • Addressed head-stacking issue
  • Texture heads no longer update themselves
  • Better NBT storage (allowing for more textures)


  • Bukkit public release!
  • See project description for details :D