Let the head-hunt begin!
DropHeads v3.4.0 logo (showing mobs up to 1.16)

Using quality heads supplied by Minecraft-Heads.com & Nano Team ❤️

Key Features

  • Everything is configurable!
  • Get heads as a death drop, or with a command
  • MASSIVE variety of mob heads (eg: snow fox, lime sheep, grumm swamp farmer villager, …)
  • Item-stacking and texture-updating fixes
  • Custom behead death messages
  • Regular updates (and optional auto-updater)

Configuration (Sample)

Defaults are designed to fit well on just about any server.
However, if you like getting into configuration, here's a taste of what you can do:

  • Adjust drop rates based on mob type
  • Adjust drop rates based on spawn conditions (eg: Breeding, MobSpawners, /summon, ...)
  • Adjust drop rates based on ticks-lived
  • Adjust drop rates based on what weapon is used
  • Require using specific weapon(s) to get heads to drop
  • Support charged creeper head drops
  • Limit head drops when not killed by a player (configure what counts as 'killed by a player')
  • Change any head textures (or add your own!)
  • Set up automatic updates
  • ...and more! Check out config files in the source repository


For an always up-to-date list, check here.

dropheads.canlosehead: This entity is able to drop a head upon its death
dropheads.canbehead: This entity is able to get heads by killing others
dropheads.alwaysbehead: This entity gets heads for 100% of kills (unless canlosehead is false)
dropheads.clickinfo: Permission to see name of a head by clicking it
dropheads.spawn: Permission to give heads with a command
dropheads.droprate: Permission to check head drop rates with a command



Q: Heads are not dropping for me!
A: There a several possible causes; please go over this checklist before messaging me or leaving a comment:
* Check if another plugin is blocking or modifying the death-event item drops
* Check if you have the dropheads.canbehead permission
* Check head-drop-rates and spawn-cause-modifiers (spawn egg drop rates are nerfed by default!)
* Keep in mind the time-alive, weapon-used, and looting modifiers.
* If killing a player, check if they have the dropheads.canlosehead permission
* If you have modified your config files, check them carefully for other causes

Q: Does this plugin ever cause lag?
A: Nope!  I hear it is much faster than Xisumavoid's datapack :)

Q: Can I edit the head textures (i.e., to match a resource pack)?
A: Yes!  Look in the head-textures.txt file

Q: Migrating from another heads plugin?
A: It should be an easy drag-n-drop replacement, but if you have any issues let me know!

Q: How do I install for singleplayer or a pure vanilla server?
A: DropHeads is built for Bukkit and its forks (Spigot, etc); perhaps try MMH-Nano instead

Q: What about older versions of Minecraft?
A: Currently, DropHeads only supports 1.13+.  You can find older DropHead jars that work for 1.12 in the Files tab, or use a different plugin that has support for legacy versions, such as PlayerHeads.


Planned Features

  • Drop cracked Iron Golem heads, and possibly repair them clicking with an iron ingot?
  • Hollow skull-texture for Stray and Skeleton_Horse
  • Find/improve heads for these mobs:
    • Giant (currently using "Giant Toe")
    • Tropical Fish (currently have 22 common varieties, need to generate 3104 more ☹️)
    • Carpeted llamas

Feel free to reach out if you find any bugs or a texture for a missing head!



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