DrinksCMD - Get drunk with your friends!


Have you ever wanted to get drunk with friends in minecraft?

Now you can! My plugin adds a lot of configurable drinks!

DrinksCmd version:


  • Get drunk with your friends!
  • Enjoy drinking a lot of drinks!
  • Pay for drinks!
  • Setup sign shops with drinks!
  • Permissions
  • Fully configurable effects & costs

Commands & Permissions:

/beerDrink beer!drinks.beer / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/milkRemove all potion effects!drinks.milk / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/vodkaDrink vodka!drinks.vodka / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/wineDrink wine!drinks.wine / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/cocacolaDrink cocacola!drinks.cocacola / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/monsterdrinkDrink monsterdrink!drinks.monsterdrink / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/tequilaDrink tequila!drinks.tequila / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/brandyDrink brandy!drinks.brandy / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/coffeeDrink coffee!drinks.coffee / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/champagneDrink champagne!drinks.champagne / drinks.admin / drinks.client
/rdrinksReload configuration file!drinks.admin
/drinksList of available drinks!drinks.admin / drinks.client / drinks.createshop
Create sign shop!drinks.admin / drinks.createshop

Creating a shop:

If you want to create a shop, simply follow these steps:

  • Give yourself drinks.createshop or drinks.admin permission
  • Place a sign
  • In first line write (it's case sensetive!): [Drinks]
  • In second line write drink name (you can check list of them with /drinks command) for example: beer
  • In third line write cost of the drink (it's custom, no matter what you typed in configuration file) for example: 5
  • In the last line type whatever you want (you can leave it blank) for example: The best beer!
  • Click done, you should see a message on your chat saying that you setted up a shop
  • Right click the sign to buy a drink! (you need drinks.client or drinks.admin or drinks.[drink name] permission to use the shop)

Example of a sign shop: Drink Shops



  • Vault
  • Any economy plugin compatible with vault
  • Any permissions plugin compatibbale with vault


  • Stop your server
  • Install all required plugins (Vault, Economy plugin and Permissions plugin)
  • Drop Drinks.jar to your plugins folder
  • Start your server
  • Add permissions (drinks.client, drinks.createshop, etc.) for groups or/and players
  • Enjoy Drinks!

To do:

  • Update for:
    • CB 1.3.2 - ready :)
    • CB 1.5.2 - ready
  • Add more drinks!
    • vodka - work in progress... ready to test!
    • wine & 6 more ready to test!
  • Add config! ready to test!
  • Cmd version ready to test!
  • some secret stuff



  • Initial release.


  • Added McStats tracker.


  • Players now drop glass bottle after drinking.
  • Added vodka.


  • Added configuration:
    • cost
    • customizable potion effects (power and time too)
  • Added 7 drinks:
    • wine
    • cocacola
    • monsterdrink
    • tequila
    • brandy
    • coffee
    • champagne


  • Added tutorial to configuration file.
    • (Delete Drinks FOLDER from your plugins folder if you want to see changes in configuration)

CMD v1.0

  • Added "dropbottle" option in config

CMD v1.0.1

  • Updated for CB 1.5.2-R1.0
  • Added new effects (Invisibility and Night Vision)
    • (Delete Drinks FOLDER from your plugins folder and restart/reload the server if you want to see changes)

CMD v1.2

  • Redesigned permissions to make them user-friendly
    • new permissions:
    • drinks.client
    • drinks.createshop
  • /rdrinks command - reload configuration
  • /drinks command - list of available drinks
  • Added sign shops

Tutorial in Portuguese made by AbsintoJ:


Thanks for using my plugin!


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