DoorClaim is a Bukkit/Spigot plugin for 1.12.2, 1.13.2, and 1.14.4. DoorClaim allows for the claiming of doors via command, protecting what is inside. Doors also have trusted lists, allowing other people to open and close owned doors. If a person tries to interact with a door that they don't own or are not trusted, they will fail to open a door. Very similiar to how Garry's Mod DarkRP server doors function. All functionality of DoorClaim can be tweaked via the config.


As of version 1.1, DoorClaim also supports localization (translation). When the plugin is first run, DoorClaim will generate a file named "translation.yml". Inside this file is almost all of the strings used by DoorClaim. Whenever the server is started/reloaded, the strings from the translation file will be read and used when DoorClaim sends a message to the user. Translation also supports unicode characters, so almost all languages are supported natively. For player names in messages that support them, the string '[p]' (without quotations) will be replace with the target/owner player name (or fallback to player UUID). If you want to remove this functionality using the translation file, simply remove '[p]' from all occurrences in the translation.yml (however, a config option has been included to not announce the owner of a door).


Version 1.2 Changelog

-Added option to use iron door as a valid door

-Added permission to add/remove trusted people (door.addremovetrusted)

-Added config option to clear door claimed list on server close (was included in the config option to clear on player disconnect before)

-Fixed false positives being thrown for critical errors

-Added config option to block interaction on claimed doors

-Added command to unblock doors (/unblockdoor)

-Added translation for a successful/unsuccesful door unblock

-Fixed door interaction handler firing twice

-Added config option to announce the owner of a door on a failed command

-Fixed default translation fallback not working when user translation was missing a keyed translation

-Cleaned up main Bukkit page



  • Commented config file which controls plugin functionality
  • The ability for people to claim doors using commands.
  • The ability for admins to block doors from being claimed.
  • The ability for people to have a list of people who can access specific doors.
  • The ability to auto-save claimed and blocked doors to file.
  • Permissions for all commands.
  • Option to clear ownership when a player disconnects.
  • Option to clear ownership on server close.
  • Ability to translate strings used by the plugin to server owners language of choice.
  • Supports iron doors (trapdoors will be added if demand for them is high enough/when I have time).
  • Is stable and reliable.


  • /claimdoor
    • Claims the door the command sender is currently looking at.
    • Permission: door.claim
  • /addtrusted {all | looking} {player}
    • Adds the target player to all or the current target door's trusted list.
    • Permission: door.claim
  • /removetrusted {all | looking} {player}
    • Removes the target player from all or the current target door's trusted list.
    • Permission: door.claim
  •  /blockdoor
    • Blocks the current door the command sender is looking at from being claimed.
    • Permission: door.admin
  • /unblockdoor
    • Unblocks a blocked door, allowing it to be claimed normally again.
    • Permission: door.admin

Link to default translation file as of version 1.2:

Link to default config file as of version 1.2:


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