This plugin will allow players to simply and securely trade items with one another. In order to send a trade request a player would right click on another player with nothing in their hand or use the command /directtrade [playername]. The player receiving the trade request would then use the /directtrade accept command and enter into a trade with the requesting player. The trade request times out after 20 seconds and each player can only have one incoming trade request at a time. Players participating in a trade will be invisible to other players and players won't be able to hurt them.

When the trade window pops up the space to the left of the bedrock will be for the player that originally requested the trade. The space on the right is for the other player. The plugin won't let a player take or place an item that is not on their side. Once each player clicks the green "Accept" wool, each player will the be given the items from the other player. If either player clicks on the red "Decline" wool or closes the inventory window then the trade will be declined and each player will get their offer back.

This plugin supports shift clicking in trades. The plugin will automatically check which side is yours and put your items in the correct side.

/directtrade [player] - Sends a request to this player to trade.
/directtrade accept - Accept an incoming trade from a player.
Alias: dt

description: Allows a player to directly trade with another player.
default: true

timeOut: 20
rows: 1
Time out is time in seconds before a trade request is cancelled.
Rows sets the number of rows available in the trade inventory.

Coming Up!
Trading with money from an economy plugin.

Known bugs:
If a player tries to place an item on the other players side it will appear to be placed there. This is purely a graphical bug and as long as the player picks the item back up again right away it should adversely effect the trade.


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