Tiny Plugin to notify/remind People that they haven't voted yet.

This Plugin requires Votifier


  • Notify users that haven't voted yet
  • Remind users in a certain interval to vote after login (coming soon)
  • No messages if you voted in the time interval
  • Supports multiple services (Serverlists like PMC or other pages where you can vote for the server)
  • Secure, verify player- and servicename


  1. Move DigammaVote.jar into the plugins folder
  2. Reload/Restart server
  3. Customize config.yml and language.yml


The votes will be stored at a votes.yml or a MySQL table. If the user joins the server and hasn't voted yet, he will get the message: "You haven't voted for us today on [Service1] and [Service2] o.o" (configurable in language.yml) (coming soon:) If he still hasn't voted he gets the message: "You havent votet for us today on [Service1] and [Service2] o.o" every ten minutes


Add each Servicename you want to use at 'services'

  1. The Service names are the sites were the user can vote for the server


Translate into your Language! please send me your translation via pastebin

Current non-public Development Version: 1.2

Planned Features:

  • Save/Load System 1.1 pl 1
  • Permission Support for the Notice 1.1 pl 4
  • Delay before Notice, after you logged in 1.2 pl 1
  • Aliases for Services
  • Toggle showing Services
  • Show last votes
  • Count votes
  • Rewarding System
  • Event System based on global Votes/Player Votes
  • Time Interval configurable 1.1 pl 5
  • Auto-Reminder 1.1 pl 2
  • Metrics Support 1.3 pl 3


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