Version: 0.2

What is "Diet"?
Diet is a plugin that allows players to gain and lose calories based on the exercise and food they eat. Different types of foods will have different amounts of calories. If a player is over or has too much calories, their movement will slow down. If the player can keep a good balance(Calorie Count + Exercise) then the player will obtain a normal movement speed and hunger level. Eating less and just exercising will cause hunger to decrease faster and more heavily than normal.

Customize Diet's Permission Deny Message
In your "plugins" folder, after starting up Diet, you will see "DietPermissionsDeny.txt". Inside that, you will see a message that says "You do not have permission for that!". You can change that to a custom permissions deny message.

Customize Diet's Movement/Exercise Steps
In your "plugins" folder, after starting up Diet, you will see "DietBurnSteps.txt". Inside that, you will see the default number which represents how many steps it will take to burn 100 calories. There, you can set it to any numeric value.

Permission Nodes and Commands

CommandPermission NodeDescription
/DietNoneDiet's Command Menu
/Diet CheckDiet.checkCheck your current calorie count
/Diet GetDiet.getCheck calorie count for food in hand
/Diet Search <Food>Diet.searchSearch calorie count for food


Developers may also use Diet in their own plugins.
Using methods such as Diet.addCalories, Diet.addPlayer, and much more!

Please Note

This is in Beta, some current foods are not on the Foods list. Most of them will be added during later development.

Things I want to add eventually

  • Obtain Proteins, Carbs, Sugars, and Fats with certain foods
  • Change appearance based on body structure(Skinny,Fat) and Build (Thin, Buff)



  • Configurable Steps to burn calories
  • Food level doesn't decrease if player's food level is below "1"(For Burning Calories)
  • Burning Calories(Exercising) is not effective IF a player is flying.
  • _If_ player maintains calorie count between 1000 - 2000, the player will move 5 % faster than normal.


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