This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

BiteSkywars 1.8 Modified cubecraft Go to Skywars plugin Download Now 22.6 KB BiteSkywars Modified Cubecraft Minigames ​ Command: ​ /sw - View all commands ​ /sw create || Create an arena /sw add || add spawn in arena /sw load <world> || Load a world map /sw tp <world> || Tp to world map /sw save <world> || Save a world map /sw join <arena> || Join to arena /sw leave || Leave on current arena /sw spawn || Set global spawn /sw forcestart <arena> || force start arena /sw arenas || Show all arenas /sw addholo || add location hologram /sw removeholo||remove last location added of hologram /leave - /salir - /quit || Leave on current arena ​ Sings 1. [sw] 2. arena

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Features​ MultiArena support Sign system Vault support Fully customizable Easy setup maps Chests vote (Insane, Basic, Normal) MySQL and SQLite Kits system Box system Trails system Shop system And much more! Permissions​* || All permissions for vote || Vote for Normal chests || Vote for Insane chests || Vote for basic chests skywars.create || Create an arena || Tp to any world skywars.load || Load any world || Save any world skywars.spawn || Set global spawn skywars.leave || Leave command skywars.join || Join command skywars.arenas || Show list in chat games avaibles


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