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Democracy in Action

Bob:        /propose tournament  at the spleef arena
            /propose tournament  -duration 1h
            /propose tournament  -open

(server)    Proposal 'tournament' (at the spleef arena)
            is open; vote /aye tournament or /nay
            tournament.  Now 1 hour remaining.

Joe:        /vote tournament aye
Mary:       /nay tournament
Sam:        /aye tournament

(time passes)

(server)    Proposal 'tournament' passes with 13
            votes (68%).

AdminSue:   /spleef reset
            /enact tournament  may the best dork win

(server)    Proposal 'tournament' has been enacted
            by AdminSue:  may the best dork win.

Sam:        /propose free-diamonds -open

(server)    Proposal free-diamonds is open; vote /aye
            free-diamonds or /nay free-diamonds.  Now
            5 minutes remaining.

Mary:       /aye free-diamonds

AdminSue:   /veto free-diamonds  nice try

(server)    Proposal free-diamonds has been VETOED by
            AdminSue:  nice try.


/votehelpsummarizes what you can do with /vote
/voteshows proposals open for your vote (first page)
/vote2shows second page of proposals open for your vote
/vote<proposal>shows choices and remaining time of a proposal
/vote<proposal> <choice>*casts your vote on a proposal*
/aye<proposal>equivalent to /vote <proposal> aye for aye/nay proposals
/nay<proposal>equivalent to /vote <proposal> nay for aye/nay proposals
/tallyhelpsummarizes what you can do with /tally
/tallyshows status of existing proposals (first page)
/tally2shows second page of status of existing proposals
/tally<proposal>shows status of one existing proposal
/proposehelpsummarizes most of what you can do with /propose
/proposeshows status of your existing proposals (first page)
/propose2shows second page of your existing proposals
/propose<proposal>creates a new proposal with a unique identifier
/propose<proposal> -cancelcancels the pending proposal before it is open
/propose<proposal> -choices a,b,callows votes of a or b or c
/propose<proposal> -duration 45svote will remain open for 45 seconds
/propose<proposal> -duration 20mvote will remain open for 20 minutes
/propose<proposal> -duration 2hvote will remain open for 2 hours
/propose<proposal> -duration 7dvote will remain open for 7 days
/propose<proposal> -secretno broadcast on each player's /vote
/propose<proposal> -publicpublic broadcast on each player's /vote
/propose<proposal> -minimum 3at least 3 /votes or the proposal fails
/propose<proposal> -open*finishes proposal, opening it for a vote*
(all of these -options can be combined
in fewer commands in any order)


permissionallows can cast their /vote on existing proposals. can /tally the status of votes in progress. can /propose a new issue to go to vote.
democracy.admin.enactPlayer can /enact or acknowledge results of a proposal.
democracy.admin.vetoPlayer can /veto or reject the results of a proposal, even before completion.


    open-proposals: 5                    # cap on overlapping votes
    open-proposals-per-player: 1         # proposals by one author

    duration: 15m                        # default -duration
    minimum: 5                           # default -minimum
    secrecy: false                       # default -secret or -public

basedir: plugins/Democracy
backend: file                            # only file supported so far
        file:             # binary dump of live proposals

    proposing-includes-aye-vote: false   # author assumed to vote /aye
    allow-secret-vote: true              # allow or disable -secret
    allow-public-vote: true              # allow or disallow -public
    allow-change-vote: false             # /vote is final or changeable
    allow-nominating-self: false         # author can't nominate self
    nominating-includes-aye-vote: true   # author assumed to vote /aye
    allow-console-enact-veto: true       # console can /veto or /enact
    accountable-vetoes: true             # /veto broadcasts the name
    allow-vetoes: true                   # /veto allowed or disabled


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