This plugin is designed to make the tedious tasks such as chat/config/command handling simple and unified. Think of it like the borg for bukkit.

What does this plugin allow me to do?

For Server Admins: This plugin will not do anything for you, unless you are developer and using its API. Otherwise it will sit in the background. For Developers: Plugin contains multiple api functions available to the developer, dealing with MySQL interaction, Player handling, Inventory handling, Chat handling, Econ handling (provided vault is installed), WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Mob handling, File Management, String Management, Time Management, and various others.


  • The simplicity. Even if you do not use the Plugin and Command framework we provide, you still have access to a persistant MySQL Connection instantly, without having the Server admin configure the database multiple times.
  • Within the Plugin framework, if the admin decides to enable it, it will profile the load times of all the plugins registered.
  • Getting sick of building help files/pages, to go along with the plugin? The Command framework will take care of all that including all sub-command handling out of the box.
  • Annoying at having to check permissions/check if its a player running the command? The Command framework will also do all of this for you.


  should_profile: true # Whether or not you would like to see load times on plugins
  inform_on_plugin_update: true # Whether or not you would like plugins to notify you if they update
      address: localhost # Change me to the address of your database server
      port: 3306  # Change me to the port of your database server
      name: kingdoms  # Change me to the name of your database
      username: root  # Change me to the username for your database
      password: root # Change me to the password for your database


  • /Query [show/hide]: This command will show/hide console logging of all database queries. Can be used by anyone who is Op/players with the permission node "DeityAPI.query" or from console itself

Plugins that use this plugin

If your using the API for a plugin and it wont load or throw a ClassNotFoundException. Please message me with your plugin name and ill add it to the list

Extra Links

Javadocs: GitHub



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