A block that allows you to decraft any craftable item!

Now with a Desmelter too!

 Updated for Minecraft 1.12.2!


Decrafting Table:
  • Can decraft any minecraft crafting recipe shapeless or not
  • Can decraft more than one item at a time (provided the recipe does not have any non-stackable items)
  • Uses tool/armor durability; the more damaged the tool, the more likely to lose items!
  • Fully configurable blacklist for items you do not want uncrafted
  • Can decraft enchants with fully configurable chances!
  • Uses the player luck attribute that can be set by other plugins, or command blocks to raise or lower your chances of getting your items back from tools and armor

Decrafting Table Recipe

This is the crafting recipe for the decrafting table.

  • Can desmelt any smeltable items.
  • Optional timer w/progress bar

Desmelter Recipe

This is the crafting recipe for the desmelter.

  • Automatic updating with config options to disable version checking and/or auto downloads.



Feature Requests/Bugs

Click here to report bugs and/or request new features for the plugin


Key Default Value Description
CheckForUpdates true Should the plugin automatically check for updates
DownloadUpdates true Should the plugin automatically download an update if CheckForUpdates is true
DecraftEnchants true Should the enchantments be decrafted
UseLuckAttribute true Should the plugin take into account a players luck
EnchantmentDecraftChance .20 Chance for any enchants to be decrafted
PercentOfEnchantmentsDecrafted .20 Chance for each level of each enchant to be decrafted
DesmeltTimer true Should desmelting take time
BlacklistedItems N/A N/A
Decrafting* - "iron_block" List items that cannot be decrafted
Desmelting* - "gold_nugget"**               - "iron_nugget"** List items that cannot be desmelted

*Note: Use the Minecraft ID name which is everything after the "minecraft:". A list can be found here.

**Note: These are here to prevent nuggets from being turned into armor with the 1.11.1 update.

Configurable Recipes:

There are configurable recipes for both the Decrafting Table and the Desmelter. In the configuration each item and a Line1, Line2, and Line3 corresponding to each line in a crafting table starting from the top. On each line, there are 3 items separated by a "|" symbol. 


Line1: "iron_ingot|diamond|iron_ingot"

Line2: "wood|workbench|wood"

Line3: "wood|wood|wood"


Line1: "iron_ingot|diamond|iron_ingot"

Line2: "wood|furnace|wood"

Line3: "wood|wood|wood"

The item names used are the same as what follows the "minecraft:" in the minecraft item system. They can be found here. If you want to specify a specific item such as spruce wood with has a data value of 1, you should put "wood:1". Any item without a :<number> will be considered a 0 for the time being. I am planning on adding support for recipes that work with multiple items, say all the wood types.


  • /decraft -- Shows info about the plugin
  • /decraft reload -- reloads the config file


  • decraftingtable.reload -- Allows reloading of the config (Default: OP)
  • decraftingtable.use.decraft -- Allows use of the decrafting table
  • decraftingtable.use.desmelt -- Allows use of the desmelter
  • decraftingtable.use.* -- Allows use of both

Planned Features:

  • Add config option for custom recipe
  • Add permission for using/crafting the decrafting table
  • Possibly add Desmelter, Unbrewer depends on how well this does
  • Make the desmelter take time to uncraft
  • Allow each plank type to be used (same as configurable)
  • Add optional experience cost for decrafting/desmelting


This plugin uses metrics through bStats. The collection of these metrics can be disabled in the configuration. This information includes location of the server host, players online, MC version, server hardware info, etc. More info can be found at




This plugin uses the Fanciful Library by mkremins.


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