signtext_private:                       "private"
signtext_moreusers:                     "more users"
signtext_everyone:                      "everyone"
signtext_timer:                         "timer"
cmd_help_editsign:                      "/deadbolt <line number> <text> - Edit signs on locked containers, right click a sign first to select it"
cmd_help_reload:                        "/deadbolt reload - Reload the config.yml and <language>.yml files"
cmd_help_fix:                           "/deadbolt fix - toggle a single block"
cmd_help_fixAll:                        "/deadbolt fixall - toggle all related blocks"
cmd_reload:                             "Reloading settings..."
cmd_fix_notowned:                       "You don't own that block"
cmd_fix_bad_type:                       "You can only fix blocks that open and close"
cmd_sign_updated:                       "Sign updated"
cmd_sign_selected:                      "Sign selected, use /deadbolt <line number> <text>"
cmd_sign_selected_error:                "Selected sign has an error. Right click it again"
cmd_sign_not_selected:                  "Nothing selected, right click a valid sign first"
cmd_identifier_not_changeable:          "The identifier on line 1 is not changeable, except for color."
cmd_owner_not_changeable:               "The owner on line 2 is not changeable, except for color."
cmd_line_num_out_of_range:              "Bad format, your line number should be 1,2,3,4"
cmd_command_not_found:                  "No command found, use \"/deadbolt\" for options"
cmd_console_reload:                     "Deadbolt - Reloading settings..."
cmd_console_command_not_found:          "Deadbolt - No command found, use \"deadbolt\" for options"
msg_admin_break:                        "(Admin) %1$s broke a block owned by %2$s"
msg_admin_bypass:                       "(Admin) Warning, this door is owned by %1$s, make sure to shut it"
msg_admin_sign_placed:                  "(Admin) Warning, this block is owned by %1$s"
msg_admin_sign_selection:               "(Admin) Warning, selected a sign owned by %1$s"
msg_admin_block_fixed:                  "(Admin) Warning, fixed a block owned by %1$s"
msg_admin_container:                    "(Admin) %1$s opened a container owned by %2$s"
msg_admin_warning_player_not_found:     "%1$s is not online, make sure you have the correct name"
msg_deny_access_door:                   "Access denied"
msg_deny_access_container:              "Access denied"
msg_deny_sign_selection:                "You don't own this sign"
msg_deny_block_break:                   "You don't own this block"
msg_deny_container_expansion:           "You don't own the adjacent container"
msg_deny_door_expansion:                "You don't own the adjacent door"
msg_deny_trapdoor_placement:            "You don't own the adjacent hinge block"
msg_deny_fencegate_placement:           "You don't own the adjacent fence gate"
msg_deny_sign_private_nothing_nearby:   "Nothing nearby to protect"
msg_deny_sign_private_already_owned:    "This block is already protected"
msg_deny_sign_moreusers_already_owned:  "You don't own this block"
msg_deny_sign_moreusers_no_private:     "No sign with [Private] nearby"
msg_deny_sign_quickplace:               "You cant protect this block, %1$s already has"
msg_deny_block_perm:                    "You are not authorized to protect %1$s"
msg_tnt_fizzle:                         "TNT tried to explode too close to a protected block"
msg_reminder_lock_your_chests:          "Place a sign headed [Private] next to your chest to lock it"