Ever played Touhou? Well I created an API for those who always wanted to have danmaku battles in Minecraft.

Server Owners

If you are a server owner and you came here just cause another plugin needs this then just download the latest version and install it on your server. Please note that this plugin disables non-projectile entity damage, eggs hatching, enderpearls teleporting, and regaining health without the 1up item (can be configured).


Instructions on how to use the API here.

Commands and Permissions

danmaku.shot.<shot type>allows useage of <shot type>


enabedworldsWorlds that danmaku will be enabled in.
enable.other-damageCan players be damaged by entities other than projectiles?
enable.egg-hatchCan eggs hatch? (Only disable when egg danmaku is used)
enable.enderpearlDo enderpearls teleport? (Only disable when enderpearl danmaku is used)
enable.regenCan players regen without the 1up item?
update-typeHow the plugin would check for updates. (see below)

Update Types

  • notify (default) - will only nodify players with permission bpot.update of updates if one is available.
  • auto - will automatically download an update and notify players to reload.
  • none - no update checking

Source Code


How to Use

Shot Types

In the Touhou series, there are different weapons and characters to choose from. To use a shot type, rename an item to the name of the shot type and then left click with it. You can get new shot types by downloading plugins that use this API. (Note that not all shot types are exactly "shots." Some may do different things like remove nearby projectiles or even something random like blow up the player). Also the shot types may change as your collect power or when you sneak (focus).

Items, Power, Points, and Health

Also in the Touhou series, you can collect items that help you. Red items increase your power. Blue items increase your score and your point count. Yellow items set you to full power mode. Purple items increase your health. The items are the dyes of the said color. Your power is shown in your exp bar. Your points are shown as your exp level. Collect power may change your shot type. Every projectile will do the same amount of damage. 1/2 hearts, but you cannot heal normally. Collecting a purple item or every 100 blue item will increase your health by 1 1/2 hearts. Also mobs can only be damaged with projectiles or non-entity related damage.

Starter Kit

I created a sample plugin that uses this plugin. It adds two shot types: Ball and Bomb. Ball shoots a bunch of snowballs at once that expands to the shape of a ball. When shot normally, it expands more, but doesn't go far. When it is focus shot, it goes farther but the snowballs don;t expand as much. As power is increased, more snowballs are in each ball. Bomb is similar to the one in the tenth Touhou game. It destroys all projectiles in a 20 block radius, and turns them into point items. The download is here.


  • DanmakuBattleStarterKit (above)


If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments.



This plugin uses Metrics. It collects system information, player count, server and plugin version information and sends it to mcstats.org. If you don't want this information to be sent, go to plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and set opt-out to true.


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