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Version: v2.3.1
CustomMessages gives you and your users the ability to change their join and quit messages to whatever you want. This plugin can also change the global join and quit messages of everyone that isn't using the commands. It can also be expanded to include message variables from other plugins, creating a unified experience. Ill try my best to put any suggestions in. Vault is required to have /prefix, /suffix, /group message variables, and group specific messages.


  • /cm join [enable|disable|reset|message] - Modifies your join message.
  • /cm join [player|group] [enable|disable|reset|message] - Modifies a group's or player's join message.
  • /cm quit [enable|disable|reset|message] - Modifies your quit message.
  • /cm quit [player|group] [enable|disable|reset|message] - Modifies a group's or player's quit message.
  • /cm kick [enable|disable|reset|message] - Modifies the global quit message
  • /cm globaljoin [enable|disable|reset|message] - Modifies global join message.
  • /cm globalquit [enable|disable|reset|message] - Modifies global quit message.
  • /cm firstjoin [enable|disable|reset|message] - Modifies the server's first join message.
  • /cm colors - Shows all of the colors capable with the color codes. Use them iChat style in message (&colorcode).
  • /cm variables - Shows all of the variables usable in messages.
  • /cm reload - Reloads configuration from file

Current Message Variables

  • /name - The name of the player
  • /nname - The nickname of the player
  • /count - The number of unique players on your server
  • /online - The number of players currently online
  • /maxonline - The maximum number of players allowed online
  • /prefix - The player's prefix (Vault)
  • /suffix - The player's suffix (Vault)
  • /group - The player's primary group (Vault)
  • /world - The current world the player is in

Permission Nodes:

  • CustomMessages.* - All other nodes combined
  • CustomMessages.join - Allows access to /cm join
  • CustomMessages.join.other - Allows access to /cm join [player]
  • - Allows access to /cm join [group]
  • CustomMessages.quit - Allows access to /cm quit
  • CustomMessages.quit.other - Allows access to /cm quit [player]
  • - Allows access to /cm quit [group]
  • CustomMessages.kick - Allows access to /cm kick
  • CustomMessages.globaljoin - Allows access to /cm globaljoin
  • CustomMessages.globalquit - Allows access to /cm globalquit
  • CustomMessages.firstjoin - Allows access to /cm firstjoin
  • CustomMessages.noprefix - Removes the configurable prefix from your messages
  • CustomMessages.reload - Allows access to /cm reload

/cm colors and /cm variables are available to everyone without a node.


  • Any other suggestions I get
  • Death messages
  • Server messages on connect (whitelist, banned, etc)
  • Kick message
  • Localization (if requested)?


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