CustomGuns allows for - yep, you guessed it - custom guns! With an easily editable config file you can customize your guns to any item, any ammo, any power and much more! Guns will fire arrows where you aim, and if the recoil is a value greater than 0, will send you backwards! An example gun with comments is included in the default configuration. Controls are left-click to fire, right-click to zoom.


  • Fully customizable
  • Optional recoil
  • Right click zoom
  • Unlimited guns
  • Use items as ammo
  • Use items as guns
  • Zoom time limit


The only command at the minute is /cg or /customguns. Reload can be added as an argument (e.g /cg reload) to reload the configuration file. You must be OP to reload the config. At the moment, there are no permissions for /cg (it only lists plugin name and command).


To configure the guns, open up the config file in /plugins/CustomGuns/config.yml - this will generate after the plugin is installed and the server is reloaded once. An example gun is included by default, feel free to comment this out by putting hashtags (#) at the start of the lines or just delete it. To make a gun, use the structure of the example gun and call the gun what you want. All of the options for guns are explained at the top of the config prefixed with hashtags to tell the plugin they are comments. Do not remove the hashtags or the plugin will not work. The file is in YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) format and tabs do not work - use spaces instead.
The default config is below;

# YouGotSniped Help
# To add a gun, add an entry like the example under "guns".
# - Unlimited: Does the gun have unlimited ammo? (true/false)
# - Recoil: How much recoil? (number)
# - Power: How powerful is the arrow? (number)
# - Item: Item ID of the gun. (number)
# - Zoom: How much does the gun zoom? (number)
# - ZoomDuration: How long can the gun be zoomed for? (number)
# - Reload: The time in seconds that it takes to reload (number).
# - Ammo: Item ID of ammo to be used.
    unlimited: false
    recoil: 5
    power: 3
    item: 284
    zoom: 1.5
    zoomduration: 3
    reload: 1
    ammo: 289


Download Note - download link will not work until file is accepted.


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