Commands & Permissions

This page applies only if you are using CurrencyBasic and is not available inside of CurrencyCore.

/currency /money /cash /eco /econ /economy, Main commands
/currency, Check balance, currencybasic.balance
/currency balance (account), Check account balance, currencybasic.balance, currencybasic.balance.other
/currency send [account] [amount], Send currency, currencybasic.send
/currency create [account], Create account, currencybasic.create
/currency delete [account], Delete account, currencybasic.delete
/currency set [account] [amount], Set account balance, currencybasic.set
/currency grant [account] [amount], Grant account currency, currencybasic.grant
/currency stats, Display statistics, currencybasic.stats
/currency help, Displays help,
/currency version, Display version


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