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Capture the Record Rules:

See the rules here


  • Adding a new world to be used as the game world
  • Using a pre-existing world as the game world
  • Regenerating large areas of the world, so you can restart from scratch after a game
  • Prevents cross team chat during a game, except via a specific command
  • Prevents most command use except specific commands during games
  • Ignores actions performed in worlds other than the game world
  • Seperating users into two teams, gold and green
  • Set the respawn locations for the two teams, including a team chest where the appropriate colour record is automatically added
  • Respawns are team specific
  • Teleporting between the home and game world
  • Enforces all of the game rules listed above
  • Configurable, with more options being added
  • Permissions support
  • Create bedrock walled areas to build in (as in CTR 1 and CTR 2)
  • Put green/gold wool blocks on people's heads for team identification
  • Save backups of areas of worlds
  • Vote on whether or not to start a new game of CTR
  • Join teams with signs
  • Set a location to teleport people to when they join a team
  • Set actions to happen when a game finished (such as starting a new vote or restoring a backup)
  • Compasses can point to your team's spawn, the other team's spawn or behave normally (thanks to fatmarley for this idea)


List of Commands and Permissions

Config File:

Config File Help


Record a video demonstration (till then plenty of ctr games on youtube)
Thanks to godgodgodgo for their suggestion

  • lobby system

Thanks to Dakrul for their suggestion

  • Item rewards for winners

Other suggestions? Please feel free to suggest!


Version 0.93:

  • Updated to 1.2.5-R4 RB
  • Added a config option called chest under sea level, set it to true to allow chests underneath sea level (y=64)
  • Minor update bug fixes

Version 0.92:

  • Updated to 1.1-R3 RB
  • Fixed an issue with starting a game when wall protection was off

Version 0.91:

  • Updated to 1.0.1 RB
  • Added the ability to have compasses point to your spawn, the other team's spawn or just normally
  • Added the whoHasRecord (shortened version: whr, permission: command which tells you who on your team is holding the record
  • Fixed a major bedrock wall size bug (bedrock walls being the wrong size)
  • Made even length bedrock walls have a double centre wall (to keep equal size sides)
  • Fixed chest contents searching in bedrock wall mode (part of the wall size bug)
  • Minor bug fixes

Old Changelog

For the original (pre dev bukkit) changelog go here


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