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    Oct 16, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10


  • Fix /csn clear removing unread instead of read entries
  • Fix /csn cleandatabase's all option/default remove read only mode being inverted
  • Fix /csn history not working in some cases
  • Pagination in history (whith "/csn history <page>")
  • "/csn clear" removes directly from the database, "/csn history" marks as read and differientiates read entries
  • "/csn cleandatabase" command to remove old entries and config option to perform an autoclean
  • Config option to auto clean database on startup (using the /csn cleandatabase parameters)
  • Make database operations use an asnyc thread
  • Use HikariCP for MySQL connections
  • Development builds: http://ci.minebench.de/job/ChestShopNotifier/
  • Fixed some issues with lines merging which where not the same shop
  • Went back to database batches, seems to be more reliable in the long run especially for slower databases
  • Fixed an issue where a user who had an entry of an unknown player in his log experienced an error. (Missing UUID->username mapping) These entries now display "unknown" instead of the playername

This is a major update. Delete/move your config.yml and let it regenerate!

  • Added Admin Shop ignore option
  • Added message config
  • Changed to using UUIDs
  • Added manual converter (/csn convert, the old csn table will get renamed to csnOLD after converting)
  • Removed scheduling of batches of inserts into database as inserts can be done live and don't have to be scheduled