ChestShop Notifier

Note: The latest version of this plugin works with every UUID-compatible CraftBukkit or Spigot version!

CSN (ChestShop Notifier) is a plugin that records ChestShop transactions to a SQLite or MySQL database. When a shop owner logs onto the server, they will be presented with an option to view sales from when they were offline.

Installation Instructions


  • /csn help → Shows available commands
  • /csn history [<page>] → Shows unread sale history from database
  • /csn history [<username> [<page>]] → Shows sale history of another player
  • /csn clear [<usernamse>] → Marks all sale history as read for your user
  • /csn cleandatabase → Remove database entries. Parameters:
    --older-than, -o days → Removes entries older than days
    --user, -user username/uuid → Removes entries from a single user only
    --read-only, -r → Removes only read entries, default behaviour
    --all, -a → Removes all entries
  • /csn upload → Forces the plugin to upload all data to the database (in v1.1 and higher this should be only used after database connection problems!)
  • /csn reload → Reloads configuration and connects to database using new config
  • /csn convert → Converts the database table csn to UUIDs. (table csn gets converted in csnUUID and the username table renamed to csnOLD)


  • csn.user → Allows user to receive notifications when they log in, and access to /csn history.
  • csn.admin → Super permission node. Access to all commands. (especially upload, reload and convert)

For all permissions take a look at the plugin.yml


# Chest Shop Notifier<br />

  admin-shop: true

  notify-on-user-join: true
  delay-seconds: 5

  max-rows: 10
  query-limit: 10000

  verbose: true

  # Possible types: SQLite and MySQL
  type: sqlite
  dbname: 'database'
  # MySQL specific settings
  host: 'localhost'
  port: 3306
  username: 'dbadmin'
  password: '123456'
  ssl: false

  enabled: false
  parameters: "--older-than 30 --all"

  sales: "&amp;c ** You made &amp;f{sales} sales&amp;c since you last checked."
  history-cmd: "&amp;c ** To see them, type &amp;f/csn history&amp;c."
  history-caption: "&amp;dChestShop Notifier // &amp;7Latest Commissions"
  history-empty: "&amp;cNothing to show."
  history-bought: "&amp;a+ &amp;9{player} &amp;7bought &amp;a{count}x&amp;9{item} &amp;f{timeago}&amp;7 ago &amp;a(+{money})"
  history-bought-read: "&amp;a+ &amp;7{player} &amp;8bought &amp;a{count}x&amp;7{item} &amp;7{timeago}&amp;8 ago &amp;a(+{money})"
  history-sold: "&amp;c- &amp;9{player} &amp;7sold you &amp;c{count}x&amp;9{item} &amp;f{timeago}&amp;7 ago &amp;c(-{money})"
  history-sold-read: "&amp;c- &amp;7{player} &amp;8sold you &amp;c{count}x&amp;7{item} &amp;7{timeago}&amp;8 ago &amp;c(-{money})"
  history-footer-page: "&amp;c- Page &amp;f{current}&amp;c/&amp;f{pages}&amp;6 - &amp;7/csn history &lt;page&gt;"
  history-footer-clear: "&amp;f- &amp;cTo remove all old entries, type /csn clear"
  history-clear: "&amp;cHistory cleared! New sales will continue to be recorded."
  history-marked-read: "&amp;cUnread entries marked read!"
  history-others-not-allowed: "&amp;cYou are not allowed to check the history of {username}"
  # new translations
  reload-cmd: "&amp;dChestShop Notifier // &amp;7Reloading, please wait..."
  reload-success: "&amp;aReloaded!"
  reload-database-success: "&amp;aDatabase connected!"
  reload-database-fail: "&amp;cDatabase failed to connect!"
  user-not-found: "&amp;cThe user '{player}' was not found."
  page-not-found: "&amp;e{page} &amp;cis not a valid page number input for /csn history &lt;page&gt;!"
  page-not-found-other: "&amp;e{page} &amp;cis not a valid page number input for /csn history &lt;user&gt; &lt;page&gt;!"
  database-error: "&amp;cInvalid database connection. Please edit config and /csn reload."
  database-error-oncommand: "&amp;cDatabase error while executing this command!"
  database-cleaned: "&amp;cCleaned database from {amount} entries!"
  database-uploaded: "&amp;cBatch executed!"
  database-convert: "&amp;cAttempting to convert database..."
  database-convert-fail: "&amp;cError while trying to convert! Maybe you don't have a 'csn' table?"
  database-converted: "&amp;cDatabase converted!"
  unrecognized-command: "&amp;cCommand not recognized. Type /csn help for help."
  missing-arguments: "&amp;cMissing parameter arguments: {usage}"
  invalid-number: "&amp;c{typo} is not a valid number input for {usage}!"
  invalid-username: "&amp;c{typo} is not a valid username/uuid input for {usage}!"
  missing-permission: "&amp;cYou don't have the permission {permission}!"
    header: "&amp;dChestShop Notifier // &amp;7Commands"
    help: "&amp;7 /csn &amp;dhelp &amp;f- Plugin usage &amp; commands"
    history: "&amp;7 /csn &amp;dhistory [&lt;page&gt;]&amp;f- View sales"
    clear: "&amp;7 /csn &amp;dclear &amp;f- Remove read sales"
    history-others: "&amp;7 /csn &amp;dhistory &lt;username&gt; [&lt;page&gt;]&amp;f- View sales of another account"
    clear-others: "&amp;7 /csn &amp;dclear &lt;username&gt;&amp;f- Remove read sales of another account"
    cleandatabase: "&amp;7 /csn &amp;ccleandatabase &amp;f- Remove database entries. Parameters:"
    cleandatabase-older-than: "&amp;c --older-than, -o &lt;days&gt; &amp;f- Removes entries older than &lt;days&gt;"
    cleandatabase-user: "&amp;c --user, -user &lt;username/uuid&gt; &amp;f- Removes entries from a single user only"
    cleandatabase-read-only: "&amp;c --read-only, -r &amp;f- Removes only read entries, default behaviour"
    cleandatabase-all: "&amp;c --all, -a &amp;f- Removes all entries"
    upload: "&amp;7 /csn &amp;cupload &amp;f- Force update databases"
    convert: "&amp;7 /csn &amp;cconvert &amp;f- Convert database to UUIDs"
    reload: "&amp;7 /csn &amp;creload &amp;f- Reload configuration"



  • ChestShop installed and running.
  • Optionally: MySQL server if you want to store the information in a real database/share it between servers.

Planned Features

  • UUID support done in v1.1.2
  • Look up the sales of offline players done in v1.1.2
  • Ignore ChestShop's Admin Shop done in v1.1.2
  • History pagination done in v1.2
  • SQLite support done in v1.3.3
  • Auto updater & version checker
  • Translation system (partially done in v1.1.2, you can set your own messages in the config)

For more features and suggestion use the GitHub issues page!

Source Code & Dev Builds


Feel free to comment with your ideas, bugs, or requests, ideally by opening an issue on the github repo.
If you really want to monetarily then click here.


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