This project is not abandonned! I just had to no time updating and adding all the feature requests. I will try to make a big update once 1.7 bukkit is out!


cRecipes is a server plugin made for the Catharos Minecraft Server that allows custom recipes. Yes there are a lot of plugins that are allowing you to add various recipes. But why cRecipes then? This time the plugin not only allows you to add recipes, it also adds two main functions: Custom block names and drops.

Github source code

Configuration and How-To


Besides custom recipes (shaped, shapeless and furnace) cRecipes features:

  • Custom block item names
  • Custom block drops
  • Per-Item permissions including customizable error message
  • Color support for both, item names and lords
  • Can overwrite vanilla recipes!


The goal of this plugin is to not have over-complicated configurations and commands. That's why there is only one command: /creload. Use it to reload the configuration files and all custom recipes

To-Do list

  • Enchantments
  • Custom books

Version 1.0.6 - In development (not yet released)!

  • Add extra items that can be given to the player upon successful crafting
  • Added option to keep the original item names (use "set-name: false" in the recipe config)
  • Added the xp and lvl messages
  • IMPORTANT FIX: Custom blocks in protected regions are no longer destroyable!
  • Fixed drop-related bugs
  • Finally fixed and implemented a working updater!


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