Trading Mob Spawners


Make creature spawners tradable

Now with Cave Spiders, Endermen and Silverfishes!


Trading Mob Spawners

You can trade mob spawners with shop plugins, like ChestShop, but you need the correct spawner type id for that creature. It is highly recommended to use /iteminfo with chestshop since creaturebox has had to change our ids and methods 3 times to deal with Minecraft and Bukkit changes.

These ID numbers have changed after as of craftbukkit build 1222 and craftbukkit 1597. Prior to build 1222, creaturebox was using its own id list (many other plugins used the same numerical scheme to make things easy). The old numbering scheme started at 0 and went to 17. The mobs are listed in the old spawner order so you can count from 0 to get their old ID number.

As of creaturebox 0.8, mobspawners retain their types via enchantments. This means your shop plugin MUST support enchantments. As of release of creaturebox 0.8, ChestShop worked fine with these but Showcase had issues.


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