Creative World 1.1 by blazee15 & messageofdeath


- Commands to access a CreativeWorld create by MultiWorld - Players can't TP back to the Survival World with Creative Mode - Warning to Empty your inventory before typing /creative a second time. - On /survival it brings you back to your Survival World Spawn - Cannot drop items for Survival Players.


1# - First download MultiWorld ->

2# - After downloading and installing Multiworld, Create a world name CreativeWorld (/mw create MultiWorld flat/normal) Might lag the server for few seconds.

3# - After creating the world just use /creative to enter the CreativeWorld and /survival to exit it.

4# Giving the Permissions Node to your players

  • -
  • -
  • - world.goto.survivalworld
  • - world.goto.creativeworld


Q: When typing /creative it won't work!

A: Make sure you created the world with the exact name like the following CreativeWorld

Q: No commands will work.

A: You must have not installed MultiWorld properly, Please check it.

Q: Will there be any updates on the plugin?

A: Yes there will be.

Sponsored by Underground Gamers that inspired us to make this plugin.

Change Log:


  • Added /infox <player name> to show information on the specific player (World,Gamemode,TotalXP,XP Level, Location)
  • New Permissions Nodes, - - world.goto.survivalworld - world.goto.creativeworld
  • Disable MultiWorld commands and added player.teleport
  • Added player.setHealth with a value of 10 on the Survival command
  • When player teleported back to Survival World he would get his XPLevel reset
  • Edited /creative Notice Warning Message
  • Public Release (15/03/2012)


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