CrazyCore v10.4.2 (compatibility build)


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    Apr 24, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R3.0
  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0
  • CB 1.2.5-R5.0


Compatible with:
1.2.5, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, [1.4.2, 1.4.5, 1.4.6, 1.4.7, 1.5, 1.5.1]

  • Required for Bukkit versions before 1.3.2-R3.0.
  • There is no tab support for commands.
  • Has no influence on other CrazyPlugin's version requirements.
  • Uptodate compatiblilty builds are available on request too.


  • fixed Vault Support (NPE)


  • added Vault to softdepencies
  • fixed possible EndOfStream errors due to large tab lists


  • added bPermissions + Vault support
  • improved DurationParamitrisable
  • added random colored sheeps (for CrazySpawner)
  • improved general tab support
  • improved ExtendedCreatureParamitrisable tab support
  • fixed new issue when shuting down server
  • added VisiblePlayerParamitrisable (for CrazyChats)
  • improved Filters (requires CrazyLogin & CrazyOnline update)
  • improved LocationParamitrisable (requires CrazyGeo update)
  • fixed tick conversion issue
  • added MaterialParamitrisable


  • added some missing subcommand aliases to CrazyCore
  • addditional protection against NPEs
  • added angry pigmen/pig zombies (for CrazySpawner)


  • fixed issue in timeToMessage converter


  • added wipePlayerFilePaths option
  • use System.err to report missing language entries.


  • added more command aliases
  • always return a version number in VersionComparator (ready for Minecraft Bukkit 1.5pre)


  • fixed possible NPE when loading items
  • fixed EndOfStream-Errors caused by chat overflow caused by tab using in some commands
  • limit tab results to 20 for ExtendedCreatureParamitrisable
  • some code improvements which simplyfy future updates.
  • fixed NPE when using GroupMangager caused by messed up GroupMangager configs.
    • the error does still exist, but its not related with CrazyPlugins and cannot be fixed by them, so the error message is useless.


  • compass targets don't need a rotation
  • updated ItemStack saving and loading
  • improved ExtendedCreatureParamitrisable (for CrazySpawner)
    • added some more aliases
    • added Baby Creatures
    • added VillagerTypes (profession)
    • added ZombieVillager
    • improved tab support


  • added possebility to show/change all loggers at once
  • sort loggers by name


  • protected defaultLanguage against invalid selections
  • removed (some unused) compatibilitiy code
  • moved and enhenced CreatureParamitrisable from CrazySpawner to CrazyCore (required for other plugins too)


  • minor performance improvements
  • added checkForUpdates option
  • added plugin modes
  • improved database not accessible error messages, when checking (mysql) database connection
  • some additional null checks
  • code simplifications / cleanup
  • show first and last connect value with PlayerData


  • updated plugin metrics
  • fixed bug in update checker when no file uploads are found
  • massive recoding simplifications and improvements
  • made jar standalone to show plugin infos if executed without bukkit (mostly for linux users)
  • fixed invalid language selections
  • added load user languages option
  • improved Date and Location Paramitrables
  • fixed PluginChannels being not handled properly
  • improved collection editors
  • improved command executors
  • improved crazycore player info command to show more data
  • improved CrazyEvents
  • added player associates command
  • ignore character case when sorting lists
  • improved plugin mode command (options)
    • added chatHeader mode
  • improved some error messages
  • added message when loading languages, because this may take a while (depending on how much languages must be downloaded)


  • added more paramitrisables (for CrazyCaptcha)
  • improved parameter reading


  • fixed issue with empty lines in lang files
  • improved access permissions for subcommands
  • don't allow access to subcommands if they don't have the permission to do anything in there
  • improved database code
    • fixed some very rare ConcurrentModificationExceptions on save (FlatDatabase)
    • fixed issues in ConfigurationDatabase due to corrupted databases.
  • show permission groups in player info command
  • some code improvements and changes for CrazyLogin & CrazyChats


  • improved flat database security
    • fixed issues due to incomplete saves
    • repair entries up to four times
    • added a message, which entry failed loading (for manually repairing)
  • fixed player info command when using no args
  • fixed some NPEs
  • made chatHeader changeable in config
  • added PermissionBukkit to Permission Systems
  • added SQLite support


  • fixed getMinecraftVersion not working for Spigot/Tekkit


  • added GroupSupport to PermissionModules (required for CrazyChats)