CraftBook v3.9 Beta 3 (JAR ONLY)


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    Jul 22, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2



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3.9 Beta 3 (22nd July)

  • Added escape characters to Item Syntax.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL caching to Item Syntax. This may improve CPU performance at the cost of slight amounts of memory.
  • Added the ability for lava to be used in cauldrons instead of fire.
  • Added monetary rewards to CustomDrops.
  • Added permission node to bypass max toggle area limit.
  • Fixed chairs allowing sitting when a block was above the chair.
  • Fixed BetterPhysics related error.
  • Optimized Cauldron Item Tracking option.
  • Updated for 1.7.10
  • Fixed mechanisms.yml not getting new values added automatically.
  • Fixed CommandItem consumables becoming out of sync when multiple existed.

3.9 Beta 2 (22nd June)

  • Added commands to enable and disable mechanics. (/cb enable, /cb disable)
  • Added load ordering to mechanics - Should fix CommandItems not being usable in crafting, etc.
  • Added ability to set custom commanditem cooldown and consumable messages.
  • Added a boat decay mechanic.
  • Major performance improvements plugin-wide.
  • General code cleanups.
  • Fixed the a and s flags for commanditem commands not showing in the descriptions.
  • Fixed the mob spawner ICs not being able to set high health values.
  • Fixed CommandItem consumables not taking amounts into consideration.
  • Fixed UUID Conversions capable of stalling the server for large amounts of time.
  • Fixed ToggleArea save to other namespace permissions.
  • Fixed a bug where combine harvesters and planters operating on the same tick could instantly grow full crops.
  • Fixed slow moving on elevators disabling /fly.
  • Fixed the mechanisms config file not containing the config header.
  • Fixed the disabled mechanics section of the config not updating itself.

3.9 Beta 1 (1st June)

  • Added a new system to enable/disable mechanics, and a seperate mechanisms.yml file to configure mechanics. (Note: You will need to redo your configs, this will save the old one as config.yml.old)
  • Added blacklists for BlockBreaker and SetBlock ICs.
  • Added an option to require signs for cauldrons.
  • Added coal and lapis ore to cooking pot.
  • Added the ability for IC ranges and offsets to have decimal values.
  • Optimized UUID to CBID conversions.
  • Optimized the plugin in general.
  • Fixed PaintingSwitcher on some versions of Java.
  • Fixed a randomly thrown bukkit error.
  • Fixed possible errors on disable.
  • Fixed a few performance issues with ST mechanics.

For earlier changes, check the file named CHANGELOG.txt in the zip file!

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