CraftBook 3.9u18


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    CraftBook 3.9u18.jar
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    Nov 1, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12


The following changes have occurred since 3.9u17:
  • Added missing fuel sources for smelters (Doors, etc)
  • Added smelting results for iron/gold equipment
  • Fixed a minor pipe jukebox issue
  • Fixed RangedCollector only working with chests
  • Fixed Irrigator only working with chests
  • Fixed Cultivator only working with chests
  • Fixed Minecart depositer with filters
  • Fixed a potential issue with thread locking for MIDI players on some specific JVMs
  • Fixed a broken polar bear skin
  • Fixed some errors caused by removals in the Spigot API
  • Fixed an issue where the Irrigator IC wouldn't correctly irrigate some soil
  • Fixed Spigot/Pump ICs still accepting the non-existent water item
  • Refactor some tile entity accesses, to allow a future companion plugin to use NMS to bypass a recent major performance regression within Spigot