CraftBook 3.9u17


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    CraftBook 3.9u17.jar
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    Aug 28, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12


This update fixes a few issues regarding some API contracts changed by Spigot in 1.12.1. This is probably not backwards compatible with 1.12.
Alongside this, a few other things were changed:
  • Added option to only remove 1 damage from the axe with TreeLopper
  • Remove hack-fix for Minecraft chair bug fixed in 1.12
  • Register recipes with names
  • Added new 1.12 blocks as smelt targets (Fixes cooking pot, etc)
  • Fix an issue where certain MIDI files didn't send the end code to the MIDI ICs.
  • Added per-drop permission nodes to CustomDrops
  • Catch errors created when crazy velocities are set on signs for minecart mechanics.
  • Added inline comment support to Fyrestone.
  • Added option to CustomDrops to remove all vanilla drops.
  • Added GREATERVAR and LESSVAR actions to CommandItems
  • Fixed burning furnaces not being interactable with CraftBook mechanics.
  • Fixed shulker boxes not being interactable with CraftBook mechanics.
  • Minor optimisations for RangedCollectors.
  • Fixed an issue where PoweredRails were powering mechanics.
  • Fixed CombineHarvester not collecting beetroot seeds.