CraftBook 3.9u16 (1.12 Edition)


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    CraftBook 3.9u16.jar
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    Jun 8, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12


This update fixes a few bugs and brings in a few new features possible with 1.12
  • Fixed potential cart duplication issue.
  • Fixed new boat types not working with many boat mechanics
  • Fixed minor door/bridge dupe issue.
  • Fixed a few BetterLeads errors introduced in 1.11
  • Fixed beetroot not working in the Terraformer
  • Fixed pipes not transferring certain items with 0 durability left.
  • Allowed usage of the WorldGuard __global__ region.
  • Fixed LightSwitches
  • Added a list of ignorable heads in HeadDrops, for plugins using custom heads.
  • Added a biomes filter for CustomDrops
  • Fixed a bug caused by some weird colour plugins.
  • Many memory optimisations throughout the code.
  • Added /cb iteminfo, outputs the held item in ItemSyntax.
  • Fixed AntiCheat plugins blocking SignCopier.
  • Updated to later versions of ProtocolLib
  • Updated the MIDI backend to use the new 1.12 instruments. This sounds hecking cool, give it a try.
  • Updated the entire codebase to Java 8, as 1.12 requires Java 8 now.