CraftBook 3.9u15


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    CraftBook 3.9u15.jar
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    Mar 30, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11


This update fixes a few issues, and adds a few small features.
  • Fixed few irregularities on item detection for PlayerInvSensor
  • Fixed ItemStack drop chance being read as a whole number for CustomDrops, rather than as a decimal number.
  • Fixed a few mechanics potentially loading more chunks than they needed to during operation.
  • Fixed pipes not putting wool into furnaces as fuel.
  • Fixed limit issues with Bounce BetterPistons.
  • Fixed limit issues with BounceBlocks.
  • Fixed empty sign issues with BounceBlocks.
  • Improved warning output for when CraftBook encounters invalid recipes with the AutoCrafter.
  • Fixed Melody IC replacing the last line with uppercase.
  • Fixed a few minor issues with newer versions of NoCheatPlus.
  • Fixed CustomDrops items not stacking with other blocks on some servers.
  • Added ability to specify an item as unbreakable in the item syntax.
  • Added ability to specify item flags in the item syntax.
  • Fixed issue that occurs in rare circumstances and can break CustomCrafting recipes.
  • Fixed potential deadlock when using ITEM_PICKUP on servers that have plugins overriding item pickup.
  • Added required-item to CustomDrops.
  • Added more HeadDrops (Evoker, Vex, Stray)
  • Fixed escape characters remaining in ItemSyntax ItemStacks.
  • Added a command to give players headdrops.
  • Tweak item comparison algorithms to act more like the user will probably want them to act.