900 Downloads! Thank you

What does this plugin do? This plugin allows you to create every mob spawner there is, Check back regularly for updates.

What type of server is this plugin good for? It is recommended for any server, It is best used on op servers, But every server can use it!

Permissions? CraftableMobSpawners.recipelist (Temporarily disabled, Use the recipe link here:

Commands? /recipelist (Temporarily disabled, Use the recipe link here:

How to install. Download CraftableMobSpawners.jar.
Put CraftableMobSpawners.jar in your "Plugins" folder.
Stop/Reload your server.

Anything else. I may try to add these recipes to EasYPerms (Which is far from done, Feel free to check it out at

Bugs. Found any bugs, Post them in the comment section.

EDIT V 1.5 is out and awaiting approval, It ADDS a config.yml in which you can enable/disable recipes, In the next update (Likely tomorrow or monday i will be releasing V1.6 with craftablespawneggs, Will probably change the plugin name to craftablemobs!


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