CrackShot v0.817


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    Apr 15, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.1


Version 0.817

New additions

  • Added cluster bombs.
  • Added the 13th default weapon: CocoPops
  • Weapons can now be given to other players with /shot give <user> <weapon> <amount>.
  • Added the 'Sounds_Projectile' node. Make grenades beep and so forth.
  • New permission nodes - crackshot.give.<weapon> and crackshot.give.all


  • Grenades and flares can now be fired like ordinary projectiles.
  • The One_Time_Use node can now be used to destroy guns after a single shot is fired.
  • Purchasing an item using CrackShot's built-in SignShops feature will now give you more specific details about the purchase.
  • Updated the complete guide to CrackShot accordingly.


  • Grenades and flares must now require a value for 'Projectile_Amount'. CrackShot will alert the user if no value has been provided.


  • Switching to CrackShot weapons that the user has no permission to use will no longer display a message.
  • The sound provided in the 'Sounds_Acquired' node will no longer be played twice when a CrackShot weapon is purchased.
  • The permission node '' is no longer disregarded.

Cool story

  • Updated the CrackShot symbol to reflect the newer logo instead of the older one.
  • Added the 'Cancel_Right_Click_Interactions' node to specific default weapons.
  • Gave 'Projectile_Amount' a value of 1 for the default weapons Airstrike, Grenade and Flashbang.

Version 0.816

New additions

  • Added booby traps.
  • Added the 12th default weapon: Trinket
  • You can now grab multiple weapons with /shot get <weapon> <amount>.
  • Updated the Explosive_Devices module and complete guide to CrackShot accordingly.


  • The One_Time_Use node is now fully compatible with remote-detonated explosives (C4).
  • Failing to type a correct CrackShot command will now display a notification.
  • Improved the debug messages that appear as a result of crafting-recipe misconfigurations.
  • Ammo tags will no longer be displayed in Minecraft's new default death messages.
  • Weapons that cannot be reloaded can now be normally dropped with the Q button.


  • Corrected a bug that caused some settings in the Explosions module to be neglected when Enable_Owner_Immunity is set to true.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented land-mines from being triggered by snowballs.
  • Corrected a bug that caused CrackShot to reject unshaped crafting recipes containing 1 item.
  • Corrected a minor misalignment in the "list" command that occurred with exceedingly lengthy weapon-titles.

Nobody cares

  • Updated the lore of the default weapon M40A3: "Equipped with a night vision scope."
  • Updated the lore of the default weapon Toaster - there appears to be a small number of people who believe land-mines can only be set off when punched!

Version 0.815

New additions

  • Added remote-detonated explosives.
  • Added the 11th default weapon: C4
  • Added the Damage_Multiplier node to the Explosions module.
  • Updated the Explosive_Devices module accordingly.
  • Updated the complete guide to CrackShot, as per update.


  • Providing no value for Message_Trigger_Placer and Message_Trigger_Victim in the Explosive_Devices module will no longer cause a person's computer to explode.
  • (Version 2) Removed the "N/A" debug-tag.
  • (Version 2) Corrected an NPE that was thrown whenever a mob-head was dropped.

Version 0.814

New additions and improvements

  • Added airstrikes.
  • Added the 10th default weapon: Harrier Strike
  • Revamped the list command. It now features pages for clarity and column-pairs to display twice as many weapons on a single line.
  • Added two new commands: "/shot list <page>" and "/shot list all"
  • The get command now features auto-completion. Getting a weapon named "Airstrike" can now be achieved by typing "/shot get air" and so on.
  • The get command now lets you know which weapon you have grabbed.
  • Added a new projectile type: flare

Visit the updated complete guide to CrackShot for more information on the new Airstrikes module.


  • The Grenade_Type node has been replaced by Projectile_Subtype. You will be alerted if you attempt to use a weapon that is still using the old node.


  • Explosions with Explosion_No_Grief set to true will no longer destroy dropped items. You can now completely and utterly obliterate your enemies with an explosion without destroying any goodies.

Version 0.813

New additions/changes

  • CrackShot will now load weapons from a folder named weapons, allowing you to individualize and categorize your creations. Not only does this reduce clutter, if one file is configured incorrectly, other files can continue functioning normally without being affected.

For older users of the plugin - simply drag your configuration file into the weapons-folder. You don't have to create a separate file for each weapon if you don't want to. The single configuration file located outside of the weapons-folder can still be used to load weapons, but support for it will cease when CrackShot reaches the end of the Explosive updates (version 0.9).


  • Explosions with Explosion_No_Grief set to true will no longer destroy paintings and item frames.
  • Dragging an item onto the rim of the inventory will no longer throw an error.
  • Failing to provide a value for Item_Type will no longer cause a person's computer to explode.

Version 0.812

New additions

  • Added landmines.
  • Added the Ignite_Victims node to the Explosions module.
  • Added the Explosive Devices module and respective nodes.
  • Added a 9th default weapon Toaster (incendiary landmine) to demonstrate the new features.
  • Added the Cancel_Right_Click_Interactions node.

Visit the updated complete guide to CrackShot for more information on the new features.


  • The Item_Has_Durability node is no longer required and has been removed. CrackShot will automatically handle items with durability.
  • Corrected a bug where if a value was not provided for Explosion_Potion_Effect, the sound provided in Sounds_Explode would not be played.
  • Corrected a minor issue where the conversion of weapons took place before the actual permission and region check.


  • Compatible with both Minecraft 1.4.7 and 1.5. There is no reason why the functionality of CrackShot would be adversely affected by updates.